5 Reading Skills to Improve Academic Performance

Reading is the process by which, we interpret a symbol, sign or written languages through our mental processes with the aid of physical expression. Reading entails focusing on a particular page of a book, newspapers, magazines or any relevant materials, so as to derive necessary information.

As a student or candidate who is preparing for an examination, you need to focus on some key aspect of reading, so as to ensure an excellent academic performance. We do not read to derive pleasure alone, we read to learn, to understand, to source for information and to attempt examination question, so as to move to next educational level.

Following the under-listed methods  to reduce irrelevant and meaningless time spent on a particular passage of a book.

  1. Set Goals

One of the basic fundamentals of reading is to set a goal. This is the act of setting a standard and measuring its outcome. It is best for students to know the purpose of reading. If it is to read for fun or to pass an examination. Having a clear goal will help in maintaining a reading standard and it will improve their reading capacity.

  1. Be Conscious of Your Environment

The environment depicts the areas of learning. It is of the best interest to study in a cool and calm environment because it helps in quick assimilation and prevent disruption while learning. Reading in the library is one of the best environments, in which one can learn effectively. A student must find a better environment that is noiseless to read, this will ensure better understanding.

  1. Know Your Style

There are various reading styles available to students, it may be pacing, reading aloud, reading silently or other forms of reading. Many do not like to read aloud, as it may disrupt their learning. So also some student reads silently and they tend to assimilate easily. It is best for a student to know their pattern of reading, that best suit them.

  1. Practice

As an adage says ‘’Practice Makes Perfect’’. It will be of a great relevance to practice before going for a test or examination, as this will help the students to be familiar with likely examination questions. A candidate preparing for examination needs to make use of questions that have been previously used, by those who have done the examination before. As many candidates are preparing for jamb CBT examination, they need to get CBT software and practice effectively, this will boost their knowledge on how to answer various questions.

  1. Group Study

Students should not read in isolation, they must be able to interact with others, so as to share their thought. Reading is not narrow to a particular person. It is broad and wide, students should develop themselves through studying together as this will improve their academic performance.

An examination should not instill fear into students, as it is only a test of knowledge and a way to showcase one’s ability. It is essential for every candidate or students to dedicate their time towards reading relevant books, which will help them during and after their examination.

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