ABUAD Student Provides Internationally Recognized Solution to Ebola

Afe Babalola University, Ado-Ekiti, ABUAD Student provides an internationally recognized solution to Ebola Epidemics.

ABUAD Student Ebola Solution

INSTITUTION: AFE BABALOLA UNIVERSITY, ADO-EKITI (ABUAD) [A world class and result-oriented institution for producing highly skilled and socially relevant graduates capable of applying scientific knowledge for the resolution of societal problems.]

EMAIL ADDRESS OF AUTHOR: emmanueloadegbite@gmail.com
Corresponding Author’s Phone Number: +2348166978851
Journal’s Name: Science Journal of Medicine and Clinical Trials.

He is also currently on many other stunning scientific projects such as the production of a gender determinant drug, the etiological factors and possible way out of age-related neurodegenerative diseases such as the Alzheimer’s disease, production of a cancer non histotoxic cancer suppressing drug, among others. The Albeit Einstein of the 21st century is an inquisitive and industrious medical student of Afe Babalola University. Looking at critical issues relevant to the future and also the contemporary time, he tends towards sound application of various theoretical and proven scientific facts in the resolution of societal and global challenges.

The student however deserves every bit of support as very few undergraduates are ever able to come up with something of that caliber, especially in the field of medicine, not even from the best universities in the world. This further has proved the fact that ABUAD is not just aspiring to be among the best in the world, but is already one of the bests. This, according to Aare Afe Babalola,SAN will prove that not only can blacks do it; we can also show the whole world how to do it better. 

The paper was also acknowledged by the International Institute of Science and Technology Education, United States of America.

Dr. I. William from Minneapolis, USA saw the piece from the inquisitive and brilliant young mind and acknowledged the quality of hard work and enthusiasm that were put together by the student in coming up with a scientific paper even as an undergraduate.

It was also acknowledged by the distinguished Professor of Medicine, the distinguished Parker Francis from Harvard Medical School. 

A specialist consultant from University of Birmingham, England, said, “if there is going to be a book on infectious diseases, this will be an excellent chapter on Ebola Virus. The amount of hardwork, intellectual and scientific ideas inculcated in this also was commendable by the industrious young mind.

Below are some of the remarks by a specialist in the field:

General commentDetailed and good review
IntroductionGood and reasonable
MethodologyThe approach is good
DiscussionDiscussion follows analysis, hence conclusive
OpinionGood, has given suggestions for development of vaccine.

He purposely aimed at enhancing the reputation of the university, also, the College of Medicine. He said, this (outbreak) is not the first, neither is it the second, but the third outbreak of Ebola Virus Disease all in Africa. It is heartbreaking to note that all major inventories and ideas in almost all fields of life have always been made by the whites, they will come and take samples, and come back to give us data and guideline. The case of Ebola is not an exception. For instance, in textbooks of Surgery, whites usually will suggest that there is no need to suture the peritoneum; this is not bad with the kind of environment and sanity they have. If you do that here by following their guideline practically, you will have a case to answer because the patient will expose to infections, and could lead to life-threatening conditions. Our scientists usually don’t do research to see anatomical variations (structural differences) in blacks and whites bodies, we just follow their data. 

He further stated that “we do not have a good disposition towards empirical application of theoretical principles in solving societal maladies and challenges”.  

The scientific paper was proof-read and edited by the distinguished Dr Olurotimi Sanya, the Provost, College of Medicine and Health Sciences.

Go to  http://www.sjpub.org/sjmct/sjmct-265.pdf to Read More about the Paper.

[Cot-Cee: ABUAD]

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