Final Year Project Topics and Materials for Accounting

Final Year Project Topics and Materials for Accounting

Samphina Academy ( is the best and most reliable project material library in Nigeria to get good project topics and materials for your final year project as a student of the Accounting / Accountancy department. The Accounting project topics and materials available on the website can be used as a guide to carry out your academic research work.

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The aim of providing these accounting project materials is to reduce the stress of moving from one school library to another, all in the name of searching for research materials.

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Accounting Final Year Project Topics and Materials

Here is the list of Accounting topics; click on any topic to get the complete material.

  1. Effects Of Accounting Information Systems On Small, Large And Multinational Companies Performance In Lagos State
  2. Importance Of Accounting To Non-Profit Making Organization
  3. The Role Of Accounting Personnel In Selected Small And Medium Enterprise
  4. The Impact Of Accounting Information On The Decision Making Process Of The Organization
  5. Computerized Accounting System As An Aid To Efficient Management Of An Organization
  6. Accounting Problems In The Small And Medium Size Industries (A Case Study Of Mr Bigg’s & Uncle Joe’s Bread Industries)
  7. The Effects Of Computerized Accounting System On The Performance Of Banking Industry In Nigeria (Study Of Selected Banks In Enugu Metropolis)
  8. The Effects Of Qualification Of Accounting Teachers On The Performance Of Secondary School Students In External Examinations
  9. Effects Of Industrial Training On Business Education Accounting Students Skill Acquisition In Tertiary Institution In River State
  10. Impact Of Corporate Social Responsibility Accounting On The Financial Performance Of Quoted Oil And Gas Companies In Nigeria
  11. Financial Accounting Ratios As Tools For The Evaluation Of Management Performance (A Case Study Of Nestle Food Nigeria Plc)
  12. Internal Control System In A Computerized Accounting Environment (A Study Of Guinness Nigeria Plc.)
  13. Public Sector Accounting In Nigeria (A Case Study Of Financial Control System In Enugu South Local Government Area)
  14. Accounting For Peace And Economic Development In Nigeria, The North East Case
  15. Effects Of Forensic Accounting In Fraud Detection
  16. The Impact Of Public Sector Accounting On Accountability In Public Sector
  17. Comparative Analysis Of Academic Performance Of Accounting In Junior Secondary School
  18. The Impact Of Accounting Records On Performance Of Business Organisations
  19. Information And Communication Technology And Accounting Practice In Nigeria
  20. Appraisal Accounting System In Multinational Company Operations (Case Study Of Cadbury P.L.C. Lagos)

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The list continues as has thousands of accounting project topics you can choose from and their complete material.

How to choose a good Accounting Project Topic

A good accounting project topic will quickly make your research and project writing progress. If you can come up with an exciting topic, you have already earned 15% of the overall grade. The first step to choosing good accounting research topics is to look for research areas that you have interests in.

There are 12 branches of accounting, namely

  1. Financial accounting
  2. Managerial accounting
  3. Cost accounting
  4. Auditing
  5. Tax accounting
  6. Fiduciary accounting
  7. Project accounting
  8. Forensic accounting
  9. Fund accounting
  10. Government accounting
  11. Political campaign accounting
  12. International accounting

Once you have identified the area of your interest, check for topics related to your area of research. There are thousands of available accounting project topics on, which you can select from and get the complete material.

It is also essential to know the objectives of your accounting project topic, as it plays a vital role in your research.

In simple terms, the objectives of a study are like the ‘map’ for the study. Based on the problem(s) being investigated, you should be able to develop the aims for the study and specific objectives to be achieved. Your accounting project objectives must be specific to addressing your research problems; it must be measurable (research questions and hypothesis should be able to be formulated out of it); it must be accurate, realistic and timely.

How to Get Complete Accounting Project Materials

How it Works:

The process of getting the complete project material for your accounting project topic is simple.

  1. Visit to choose accounting topics based on your area of interest.
  2. Save the contact on your phone – 08143831497 (Samphina Academy)
  3. Select about 3-5 topics of your interest from the page.
  4. Take them to your supervisor to approve one of the topics.
  5. Send the approved topic on WhatsApp to 08143831497 –  to get the complete material.
  6. That’s all, and you will get the complete material for your approved topic.

Writing Chapters for an Accounting Project Work

Chapter One: This is usually the introduction.

This describes the background, scope and purpose of your accounting research. The rest of the report should be tied to the information supplied. The researcher should strive to present sufficient details regarding why the study was carried out. It shouldn’t be rushed; a gradual build-up of the content from bottom to top is ideal. It should be closed with a linking paragraph that would disclose the objectives, constraints and limitations.

Chapter two: This is usually the theoretical literature review.

This presents the work done by others. It is on the groundwork done by others that the current accounting research is to be based, hence the review. It sums up the pros and cons of all past work, but due credit should be given to the various Authors (see the guide on referencing on this website). The use of quotations should be less in use, more of paraphrasing (reading and making out meaning in your own words); making comments in the review is great as well; it just depends on the context. 

Chapter three: This is usually the research methodology.

Here the language used should be in the past tense. It is a sum-up of the research design, procedures, area and population of the study. The data sampling and data sources are detailed as well. The method used, from all alternatives, should also be justified. The materials and equipment used are also included.

Chapter four: This is usually for data presentation and analysis (results and discussion).

The results obtained in the research are presented here. Visual aids like graphs, charts and the likes should also be used. The results should be discussed then compared with the results of past Authors. The effects and applications of the results should be detailed as well.

Chapter five: This part houses the conclusions and recommendations.

From the results of the research, conclusions are made, then suggestions for improvement for other researchers with similar interests. Based on the whole happenings, recommendations are proffered.

There is a part or section that is very important in an accounting project research, which is the references.

References: This is a list of all the relevant journals, books and all sources of information consulted in the research work, either online or print. Plagiarism should be avoided at all costs; all quoted and exact words of different sources should be referenced appropriately, in-text and at the references’ list/bibliography. MLA, APA and Chicago styles are the most typical referencing styles. 


I hope you got some helpful information about accounting final year project topics and materials. We were able to provide you with some recommended topics for accounting and reliable links to get access to thousands of accounting topics. So far, is the most reliable platform in Nigeria to get suitable project materials in Nigeria.

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