Threat Letter not From Boko Haram, Says ADSU VC

It was reported some days ago that Boko Haram wrote Adamawa State University (ADSU) with a pound of flesh attached to the letter. ADSU VC said the letter is not from Boko Haram sect, that it was a foul play.

Vice Chancellor Adamawa State University (ADSU) Mubi Dr. Alkasum Abbah has allayed fears of any impending Boko Haram attack on the institution, saying that the university’s authority is working with security operatives to ensure an all-round security in the institution.

He said he suspected foul play in the way the threat letters were being sent to the university, saying that from all indications the threat letters may not have emanated from Boko Haram but within the school premises.

“We suspected that the letters are not from Boko Haram but by some people within the university community.

“They have sent the letters three times and one was given to a nine-year-old boy who gave the security men the letter,” he said.

Abbah urged parents and guardians of the students to remain calm as the university’s authority is synergizing with the security personnel to provide and all-round security for the life of all students in the campus.

He said part of the measures being adopted by the authorities include providing ID cards to anyone that either works or do business in the university’s premises, adding that they were giving the security personnel all necessary cooperation to ensure that the university was secure. (Leadership)