Auchi Poly Registration & Acceptance Fee Payment Procedure 2020/2021

Auchi Polytechnic, AUCHIPOLY admission acceptance fee payment, clearance and registration procedure for the 2020/2021 academic session newly admitted ND and HND candidates.

AUCHIPOLY admisison acceptance fee

This is to inform all the candidates offered provisional admission into the Auchi Polytechnic (AUCHIPOLY) National Diploma (ND) and Higher National Diploma (HND) Programmes for the 2020/2021 academic session that management has released the registration and acceptance fee payment procedure.

Check AUCHIPOLY Admission List.

Auchi Poly Acceptance Fee Payment & Registration Procedure


  1. New students check their admission status online on the E-Notice Board from the polytechnic website ( Or from the portal Recommended: Auchi Poly ND Admission List and Auchi Poly HND Admission List.
  2. Having been admitted, students visit the department where they have been admitted with all their credentials for physical clearance.
  3. They obtain an Eligibility form from the department, fill the form and ensure it is duly signed/stamped by the HOD or his/her representative who certifies that the student is cleared or not cleared. This checkpoint ensures that no ineligible student pays Administrative charges as the school will not refund such payments.
  4. The Eligibility form is then submitted to MIS for their details to be uploaded/updated into the eligible online admission list.
  5. Students then log in to the portal to accept their admission using their Auchi Polytechnic application number (e.g. EEE/ND1718/99999 OR EEE/HND1718/99999) as their username and password.
  6. All Auchi Polytechnic ND returnees MUST ensure they type the last 5 digits of their ND mat no when requested during the acceptance stage for new HND students. If any mat no clashing challenge is encountered, such a student should report to MIS Directorate.
  7. Having accepted the admission offer online, the students are expected to print out their Acceptance Form that carries their unique matriculation number. Students must ensure that their mat no tallies with their department.  If not sure they can see the HOD or MIS.
  8. Also, students are to ensure they print out copies of their Notification of Admission (Admission Letter).


  1. Login to the portal ( now with your matriculation number and signup as a new user
  2. Click Generate RRR payment invoice (Remita Reference Number) that will carry both acceptance fee and administrative charges together.
  3. Take the RRR invoice to any bank and make payments or pay via the Internet (mobile banking) into Auchi Polytechnic TSA (Treasury Single Account).
  4. The bank will give the student an e-receipt that must be kept safely.

Note that NO PAYMENTS ARE DONE THROUGH WWW.REMITA.NET. Any student who makes payments there CANNOT PROCEED with Online Registration.


  1. Login with your matriculation number again and verify if Remita has authorised your payment.
  2. On the student’s portal page that is opened Click on Register for 2020/2021 session
  3. Complete the Course Registration Form with all necessary and correct details
  4. Click Submit and print out 2 copies of the Course Registration form.