Auchi Polytechnic SPAT Academic Calendar 2022/2023

Auchi Polytechnic’s Proposed Academic Calendar for School of Evening Studies (SPATS), 2022/2023.

Auchi Polytechnic's School of Evening Studies (SPATS) has released its proposed academic calendar for the 2022/2023 academic session. The calendar details key activities and dates, including resumption, registration, lecture commencement, orientation/matriculation, examination periods, and breaks. It also provides dates for departmental, school, and academic board meetings for the consideration of exam results.

Auchi Polytechnic SPAT Academic Calendar

The Auchi Polytechnic’s School of Evening Studies (SPATS) is proud to announce its proposed academic calendar for the 2022/2023 session. A meticulously planned timeline has been unveiled to help students organise their academic activities and personal schedules effectively. This blog post provides a comprehensive overview of the SPATS calendar.

🗓️ Academic Calendar Release Auchi Polytechnic Evening Studies releases 2022/2023 schedule
📚 Resumption Date All students resume on 10th July 2023
🖊️ Registration Begins Student registration starts from 10th July 2023
📝 Lectures Commence Lectures begin for all students on 17th July 2023
🎓 Orientation/Matriculation Scheduled for 9th-10th August 2023
📚 Examinations First Trimester Exams begin on 9th October, end on 27th October 2023
🏫 Semester Break & Resumption Students break on 27th October, resume for Second Trimester on 30th October 2023
👩‍🎓 Exam Results Departmental, School, and Academic Board meetings for exam result consideration planned

The Journey Unfolds: Key Dates for the Academic Year 2022/2023

  1. The End of the Third Trimester Examinations: On 5th July 2023, the third trimester examinations will draw to a close, marking the end of an academic phase.
  2. A Fresh Start: The institution reopens on 10th July 2023, with students returning to campus, ready to start the new academic session.
  3. Registration Commences: The registration process for all students begins on 10th July 2023, ensuring they are properly enrolled for the upcoming year.
  4. The Start of Lectures: From 17th July 2023, lectures for all students commence, marking the beginning of their academic journey for the year.
  5. Evaluation of Previous Performance: A departmental board meeting will be held on 31st July 2023 to consider the results of the 2022/2023 third trimester examinations.
  6. Further Deliberation on Results: The school board convenes on 3rd August 2023 to further consider the third trimester examination results from the previous academic year.
  7. Orientation and Matriculation: The 9th and 10th of August 2023 are pivotal days for new students as they participate in orientation and matriculation events.
  8. Finalising the Results: Between 17th and 18th August 2023, the Academic Board meets to consider the final results of the 2022/2023 third trimester examinations.
  9. Coursework Submission: By 7th September 2023, all students are expected to submit their coursework.
  10. Late Registration Period: Late registration begins on 25th September 2023 for students unable to register within the designated timeframe.
  11. Public Holidays: The 27th of September 2023 and the 2nd of October 2023 are public holidays in observance of Idel Maulud and Independence Day, respectively.
  12. Examination Time: The first semester/trimester examinations commence on 9th October 2023, drawing to a close on 27th October 2023.
  13. Semester Break: Students proceed on their first semester/trimester break beginning on 27th October 2023.
  14. Resumption for the Second Semester/Trimester: Students return to campus on 30th October 2023 to kick off the second semester/trimester of the 2022/2023 academic session.
  15. Board Meetings: Various board meetings occur in November 2023 to review the results from the first semester/trimester examinations. These include a departmental board meeting on the 9th, a school board meeting on the 16th and 17th, and an academic board meeting on the 29th and 30th.

In conclusion, the proposed academic calendar for Auchi Polytechnic’s School of Evening Studies outlines a well-structured plan for the upcoming 2022/2023 academic session. This schedule, while subject to changes, enables students to prepare and navigate their academic pursuits with clarity. It exemplifies the institution’s commitment to delivering a comprehensive and immersive learning experience.

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