Bells University of Technology (BUT) Academic Calendar for 2019/2020 Academic Session

Bells University of Technology, BUT academic calendar for the first and second semester, 2019/2020 academic session.

Bells University Academic Calendar

The management of the Bells University of Technology (BUT), Ota, Ogun State, has released the cademic calendar for the first and second semester, 2019/2020 academic session.

See also: Bells University School Fees Schedule.

Bells University Academic Calendar.

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31st May, 2019 – 14th February, 2020

31st May, 2019Resumption and Commencement of Lectures for Direct Entry students
31st May -9th June, 2019Clearance and Orientation for New Direct Entry students
4th June, 2019Departmental Boards Meetings
11th June, 2019College Boards Meetings
19th June, 2019Committee of Deans and Directors Meeting
27th June, 2019Senate Meeting
16th-19th September, 2019Revision week for Direct Entry Students
20th September-6th October, 2019First Semester Examinations (DE)
17th September, 2019Committee of Deans and Directors Meeting
18th September, 2019Leadership Training (HODs/Heads of Units)
21st September, 2019Arrival of new students
23rd – 27th September, 2019Orientation Programme for New students
23rd September,2019Commencement of Registration for all programmes
26th September, 2019Senate Meeting
28th September, 2019Arrival of Returning Undergraduate and Postgraduate (old and new) Students
30th September, 2019Commencement of Lectures in all Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programmes
7th October, 2019Student Disciplinary Committee Meeting
8th October, 2019Departmental Boards Meetings
14th October, 2019Postgraduate Board Meeting
15th October, 2019College Boards Meetings
16th October, 2019First Semester Colloquium
21st October, 2019Commencement of Late Registration
22nd October, 2019Committee of Deans and Directors Meeting
23rd October, 2019Meeting of Congregation
24th October, 2019Department of Physical Planning and Works Lecture
28th October – 1st November, 2019Convocation Week (Induction of Engineering Students, Technology fair, Convocation Lecture and Convocation Play)
2nd November, 201911th Convocation Ceremony
4th November, 2019Student Disciplinary Committee Meeting
5th November, 2019Departmental Boards Meetings
10th November, 2019End of Course Registration for all Students (PG & UG) (Registration Portal Closure (12.00am))
11th November, 2019Postgraduate Board Meeting
12th November, 2019College Board Meetings
19th November, 2019Committee of Deans and Directors Meeting
27th November, 2019COLENG College Lecture
28th November, 2019Senate Meeting
2nd December, 2019Student Disciplinary Committee Meeting
2nd-6th December, 2019Mid Semester Exams/Tests
3rd December, 2019Departmental Boards Meeting
10th December, 2019College Boards Meetings
17th December, 2019Committee of Deans and Directors Meeting
23rd December, 2019 – 3rd January, 2020Christmas break
4th January, 2020Arrival and Resumption for all Students
6th-10th January, 2020Revision Week
6th January, 2020Student Disciplinary Committee Meeting
7th January, 2020Departmental Boards Meetings
8th January, 2020Seminar on Examination
11th January, 2020Matriculation for New Students (UG & PG)
14th -31st, January, 2020First Semester Examinations
3rd February, 2020Student Disciplinary Committee Meeting
3rd-14th, February, 2020Processing of Examinations Results
4th FebruaryDepartmental Board Meetings
10th FebruaryPostgraduate Board Meeting
11th February, 2020College Boards Meetings
14th FebruaryEnd of First Semester (UG)


11th October-30th June, 2020
11th October, 2019Resumption and Commencement of Lectures for Direct Entry Students
14th February-1st March, 2020Second Semester Examinations for Direct Entry Students
17th -28th February, 2020First Semester Examinations Postgraduate
2nd-13th March, 2020Postgraduate Examinations Processing
18th February, 2020Committee of Deans and Directors Meeting
20th February, 2020Departmental Boards of Examiners’ Meeting
22nd February, 2020Arrival/Resumption of Students (UG)
24th February, 2020Registration and Commencement of Lectures (UG)
24th February, 2020College Boards of Examiners’ Meeting
25th-26th February, 2020Committee of Deans and Directors Meeting on Examinations (UG)
27th February, 2020Statutory Senate Meeting/ Senate Meeting for Consideration of First Semester Examinations Results
2nd March, 2020Students Disciplinary Committee Meeting
3rd March, 2020Departmental Boards Meetings
5th March, 2020Benefactor’s Day
9th March, 2020Postgraduate Board Meeting
10th March, 2020College Boards Meetings
16th March-5th April, 2020Late registration for all students
17th March, 2020Committee of Deans and Directors Meeting
18th March, 2020BUPF seminar/Open day
25th March, 2020COLNAS College Lecture
26th March, 2020Senate Meeting
5th April, 2020End of Course Registration and Closure of Portal (12.00 am)
6th April, 2020Students Disciplinary Committee Meeting
7th April, 2020Departmental Boards Meetings
13th April, 2020Postgraduate Board Meeting
14th April, 2020College Boards Meetings
20th-24th April, 2020Mid Semester Exams/Tests
21st April, 2020Committee of Deans and Directors Meeting
22nd April, 2020COLENVS College Lecture
27th April- 1st May, 2020Students’ Activities Week
30th April, 2020Senate Meeting
4th May, 2020Commencement of Annual Review Exercise
5th May, 2020Departmental Boards Meetings
11th May, 2020Postgraduate Board Meeting
12th May, 2020College Boards Meetings
13th May, 2020Seminar on Examination
18sh – 22nd May, 2020Revision Week for all Undergraduate Programmes
19th May,2020Committee of Deans and Directors Meeting
20th May, 2020COLMANS College Lecture
21st May, 2020Congregation Meeting
25th May- 12th June, 2020Second Semester Examinations (UG)
28th May, 2020Senate Meeting
1st June, 2020Students Disciplinary Committee Meeting
2nd June, 2020Appointments and Promotion Committee Meetings for Academic and Non-Academic staff.
2nd June, 2020Departmental Boards Meetings
9th June, 2020College Boards Meetings
15th-26th June, 2020Processing of Exams Results (UG)
16th June, 2020Committee of Deans and Directors Meeting
19th June, 2020Departmental Boards of Examiners Meeting
22nd June, 2020College Boards of Examiners Meeting
24th June, 2020Registry Lecture
24th- 25th June, 2020Committee of Deans and Directors Meeting on Exams Results
25th June, 2020Senate Meeting
30th June, 2020Senate meeting for Consideration of 2nd Semester Examinations Results (UG) and End of 2nd Semester
6thJuly, 2020Students Disciplinary Committee Meeting
6thJuly-7th August, 2020Extension
20th-31st July, 2020Second Semester Postgraduate Examinations

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