ESUT Signs MoU with Grine American University of North Cyprus

ESUT Signs MoU with Grine American University of North Cyprus:


Grine American University of [North Cyprus] (hereafter referred to as “GAU”) and the Enugu State University of Science & Technology of Nigeria (hereafter referred as “ESUT”), believed the development of Scientific and Technical cooperation and exchange is of mutual value. The two parties hereby confirm their intention to collaborate to promote academic and educational exchange.

All exchange will be entered into with due diligence given to ethical and professional considerations and standards. Within fields that are mutually acceptable, the following general forms of cooperation will be pursued:

  • Staff exchange and collaboration
  • Joint research activities and publications
  • Each party will encourage continuing education and professional development for teachers, professors, and academic staff.
  • Student exchange, etc

Below are the pictures of the Vice-Chancellor of ESUT, Prof. Cyprain O. Onyeji and the Vice-Chancellor & CEO of GAU signing the MOU on the 1st of April, 2014 at Grine American University of [North Cyprus.], USA. 

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