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Letter to Mr. President Over Ongoing ASUU's Strike

Good day sir, Mr. President. How has work been today? I’ll agree that this letter is coming at the wrong time but it’s due to it’s urgency and usefulness. I know the time when your party’s implosion becomes a reality, when some people want you out of office in 2015 isn’t a good time to read or listen to it
read to your ears.

I realise how busy you are, meeting people to to mute those that need to be muted. I also realise you’ve been having hard time recently, a result of your unusual ‘relieving’ ministers of their duties. It shocked me when I heard nine of them were fired. I asked myself, when was it that you asked two to leave that you fired nine again? I became really confused concerning how the administration runs now; definitely there’s a re-shuffle in the system.

I would have been happy if this was to remove those that derelict their duties or to reduce the excess in the system because I believe we can run the race and succeed without that much number. We are just paying them without them doing their job. Sir, many have
said you did this because they were against your aspiration. I heard they’ve been hanging around with your ‘enemies’ that won’t let you proceed to 2015, that’s why they were given quick attention, no waste of time . Those guys from the North are not those you should take with levity, they really want you to prove your worth.

But, if I may ask sir , how many Ministers do we expect to be fired next? Maybe with this I’m about telling you, I’ll be seen as one of your enemies but the truth is, I’m just telling the truth. Though
you bought the conscience of many to have your way into Asorock during the last election, some reports have it that it was rigged.

The issue now is, the next election might not be that
easy to play on, people are now fully awake! Those you told stories about your shoeless days, those whom you climbed the campaign rotra to deceive with your nebulous transformation agenda are ready to finish you, whatever it takes. You may be trying on new tricks or tactics but to be candid, many have vowed to be ahead of you in this. It’d be nice and victorous if you submit to those that are ready to take the country to her promise land, shelf the 2015 agenda. At least, 6years is sufficient to do all you have to do, what’s
dipped in 2015 that you’re coming back to take?

At this point, I’ve seen that you are not in anyway concerned about ASUU. They haven’t been bending this time I suppose. Their belligerent approach is insulting not only to the country but your personality? Hope you do not see this as sarcasm
anyway? I am sorry to say that you’ve been indecive and as displayed incompetence to to handle the issue.

It should be a shame on the Country that she wishes to take part in solving world issues leaving hers behind. Very soon we would be wasting resources on celebrations whilst students rot at home. Excuse me sir, who are your advisers? Didn’t they evaluate the harm in all strata of the Education sector shutting
down? The Boko Haram insurgency is there, nearly all the strata in the Education sector are in ‘fight’ against your administration and you do not seize in unnecessary world appearance and itinerary? Why don’t you solve this and become hero with it? Gaining world recognition is not your priority now, sir.

A lot talked about the gold-plated phones, the shame won’t allow you claim responsibility. Maybe your advisers have been keeping mortality list away from your reach, Citizens are dying! There is insufficient food and fund. Parents can’t afford raising their children, they are left to wander the street and
end up in bandits.

The Citizens are not comfortable with the price they purchase liquid fuels, it tells on their salaries. One
of the things that can make Nigerians like you is reducing the cost of petrol. Make people feel they’ve got a life, WE have the oil sir? The high cost of living has left many with deadly diseases, some died in the process of excessive dissatisfaction.

I guess no one knows how much the Legislatures and
Executives take home at the end of the month but whatever it is, effect a reduction. Minority shouldn’t enjoy at the expense of the majority suffering. The number of Senators and Representatives are too much, 469, why can’t we have 5 Reps in a State with 1Senator? All the Ministries we have, can’t we
merge some and still be reasonable in order to save cost?

Many Youths are unemployed whilst some Elders have been
recycling for over 30years, do we need the youths to fight them out of office? There should be frequent reshuffling in the system to abolish Godfatherism and the babarism of Kabals.

Let us give the youths a trial, let us see them change the Nation. Stop wasting funds on less important things. Be as decisive as possible. Take your nation as first in all you do.

Don’t get your hand stained with corruption.
It’s time to go sir,
you are free to read and re-read.
I pray they [aides] let this reach you.

An agent of change.

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Olusegun Fapohunda
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