Maximizing Your Time

Time maximization is something many people struggle with. The secret to maximizing your time effectively is knowing what you want to do and when you will do it. This way, you stay proactive and in “execute” mode rather than reactive in “catch up” mode. If you want to join the ranks of the highly successful, you must learn to maximize, not manage, time.


It has been estimated how the average person spends a typical life span of seventy years.For many, reaching the age of seventy they probably will spend twenty-three years sleeping, sixteen years working, eight years watching television, six years eating, six years travelling, four and a half years on leisure activities, four years being sick, and two years getting dressed. The average person spends six months of his or her life on spiritual activities. If you sum up the numbers the result will be seventy years-and then life on earth is over.

Time is synonymous with life; Life is measured with time. Time is your most precious resource; it is your most valuable asset. Time is irreplaceable and unrepeatable. Life is an opportunity of time allocated to us with a purpose to discover and fulfill; Life is a domain assigned to us with a specific time-frame in which to make our contribution in the world and leave it better than we met it.

Therefore, we do not have any time to lose but rather we have all the time allocated to us to use. Our desire should be for Life to use us up before we are taken up. However, in order to make the preceding statement a reality we need to invest our time rather than spend it. The end product of an invested time is a fulfilled and a rewarding life; the end product of time spent is a life of regret that cannot be remedied.

The value you attach to time will be the corresponding value that you will command in life. The Universal Law of value states: “Do not waste your time on thoughts, people, or actions which are not worthy. Do not waste your thoughts on ideas that are not worthy. Do not waste your energies on activities which are not worthy. Do not waste your money on that which is not worthy”.

Every aspect of the Law of value revolves around time; thoughts, actions and substance. The use of your money will determine the use of your time. Jesus reveals, “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also” It is wise to ask yourself, “What is the best use of my money right now, in terms of my goals, vision, and purpose”.

Without vision or purpose for your life, time has no meaning. A successful life is built on a plan or blueprint every other thing revolves around it. At every given moment ask yourself, “What is the best use of my time right now, taking into consideration my goals, vision, and purpose?” At most, eight hours should be allotted to sleep for a sound health and effective body.

About eight to ten hours is utilized for work. Then we have about eight hours left which could be called “free time”. Here’s the catch, the use to which you put the free time into spells the difference between success and failure in life. In fact, free time could be termed either an “opportunity time” or “misfortune time”.

Many people are desperate for their circumstance to change, however, during their free time they engage in aimless socializing, prolonged viewing of television, idling gossiping, plain laziness, associating with people going nowhere who feed each other’s destructive habits like drinking, smoking etc. Free time is an opportunity to invest in you and others; acquiring additional education or knowledge, rendering of service and creating goodwill.

Work should be fun and fun should be work. Truly successful people love their work; they engage in a work that taps into their passion. However, if you are engaged in a job that you do not like; that does not tap into your passion then take a clue from Henry Ford. Henry Ford began as a Detroit powerhouse worker at a salary of $11 a week working 10 hours a day.

But he had a vision of manufacturing cars, so he utilized his free time each evening for three years to create the first Ford car. Wow! His free time was indeed an opportunity time. Therefore, guard your time for out of it determines the quality of your life. (Vanguard)

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