New Fares for Cab, Bus Shuttle on UNILAG Campus

New transport fare for commercial cab and bus operators on UNILAG campus.

unilag new fares

Authority of the University of Lagos (UNILAG) and the Transport and Traffic Committee and Student representatives (Faculty Student Associations Presidents/Secretaries and Halls of Residences Chairmen/Secretaries) have agreed on the following rates:

A:  New Fares for Cab

i.              Faculty of Education – Moremi Park:                      N50.00

ii.             Moremi Park – Faculty of Education:                      N50.00

iii.            Faculty of Education – DLI/ISL Park;                      N50.00

iv.            DLI/ISL Park  – Faculty of Education:                     N50.00

v.             Moremi Park – New Hall:                                       N30.00

vi.            New Hall – Faculty of Education:                           N20.00

B:  New Fares for Bus Shuttle

i.              Yaba Bus Stop – CITS terminus:                            N70.00

ii.             CITS terminus – Yaba Bus Stop:                            N70.00

iii.            Bariga Bus Stop – CITS terminus:                         N70.00

iv.            CITS terminus – Bariga Bus Stop:                         N70.00

v.             Main Gate/Sports Centre – CITS terminus:            N30.00

After a successful deliberation it was then agreed that the implementation of the new transport fares should commence on Monday, July 11, 2016. This is to allow members of the University community and outside community to be in tune with the new development.

MSG Team.

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