Win Big with NSIA Prize for Innovation 2024: Enter Your Startup Now!

Are you an innovator at the helm of a tech startup in Nigeria, dreaming of taking your solution to the next level and making a significant socio-economic impact? The NSIA Prize for Innovation (NPI) 2024 beckons with up to US$220,000 in prizes and an all-expense-paid training programme in Silicon Valley. But what does it take to enter, and how could this transform your startup's trajectory?

Apply Now for NSIA Prize for Innovation

The Nigeria Sovereign Investment Authority (NSIA) proudly presents the NSIA Prize for Innovation (NPI) 2024, a prestigious initiative aimed at nurturing Nigeria’s digital ecosystem and fostering homegrown solutions with the potential to drive socio-economic development. This innovative programme seeks to propel early-stage, growth-driven ventures by offering substantial financial support, an all-expense-paid training programme in Silicon Valley, USA, and a platform to showcase groundbreaking ideas that can contribute to Nigeria’s transformative economic growth, enhance productive capacity, and generate employment opportunities.

Prize Pool Up to US$220,000
Training 5-weeks in Silicon Valley
Eligibility Nigerian Founders, 18+, Tech-focused Startups, MVP Required
Sectors FinTech, AgriTech, HealthTech, EdTech, Manufacturing, Logistics, E-commerce, Climate
Benefits Silicon Valley Training, Nationwide Recognition, Strategic Advertisement
Application Deadline 3rd March 2024
Prizes for Winners 1st: up to $3m, 2nd: up to $2m, 3rd: up to $1m

Application Eligibility

Who Can Apply?

  • Entrepreneurs with Nigerian citizenship among the founding team.
  • Individuals aged 18 and above.
  • Startups focusing on tech-centric or tech-enabled innovations.
  • Enterprises operational for a minimum of six months within Nigeria, aiming to secure seed funding.
  • Ventures that have developed a minimum viable product (MVP).
  • Applicants committed to participating in a 10-week fast-track accelerator programme.
  • Only one application is permitted per applicant across any sector.

Prizes at Stake

Monetary Rewards for Top Innovators

  • 1st Place: Valuation up to $3 million.
  • 2nd Place: Valuation up to $2 million.
  • 3rd Place: Valuation up to $1 million.

Focus Sectors

The NPI 2024 zeroes in on technology-enabled startups across various critical sectors, including:

  • Financial Services
  • Agriculture
  • Health
  • Education
  • Manufacturing
  • Logistics & E-mobility
  • E-commerce & Marketplaces
  • Climate

While these sectors are prioritised due to their potential impact on Nigeria’s economy, startups from other sectors are also encouraged to apply.

Exclusive Benefits for Finalists

Silicon Valley Training and More

  • The top 10 finalists will embark on a 5-week, all-expense-paid training programme at a leading US university in Silicon Valley, offering an unparalleled opportunity to pitch to angel investors and gain international exposure.
  • Nationwide recognition and media spotlight through NSIA channels.
  • Promotional support across various social media platforms and inclusion on the NSIA/NPI website.
  • Strategic visibility in NSIA publications, reaching a global audience.
  • A 2024 NPI Recognition Plaque and the right to use the Innovation Award logo on product packaging and advertising materials for a year.

How to Apply

Take the Leap

Embark on this journey of innovation by visiting the Official Webpage of the NSIA Prize for Innovation to submit your application.


Mark your calendars – the application deadline is March 3rd, 2024. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to elevate your startup, contribute to Nigeria’s economic development, and achieve global recognition. Apply now to become a beacon of innovation in Nigeria and beyond.

FAQS Regarding NSIA Prize for Innovation

Who is eligible for the NSIA Prize for Innovation 2023?

Nigerian citizens, 18 years or older, running innovative tech-focused or tech-enabled businesses/startups operating in Nigeria for at least six months, seeking to raise seed round, and with a minimum viable product (MVP) are eligible.

What sectors are targeted by the NSIA Prize for Innovation 2023?

The program focuses on tech-enabled businesses in financial services, agriculture, health, education, manufacturing, logistics & e-mobility, e-commerce & marketplaces, and climate.

What are the prizes for the NSIA Prize for Innovation 2023?

The 10 finalists will receive up to $255,000 in cash and equity, with 3 winners and 7 runner-ups emerging after the bootcamp.

What is the deadline for the NSIA Prize for Innovation 2023 application?

The deadline for the application is April 8, 2023.

How can I apply for the NSIA Prize for Innovation 2023?

To apply, visit the NSIA Prize website and follow the application instructions provided.

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