Plateau Sets to Close Down Unregistered Private Schools in the State

Plateau Sets to Close Down Unregistered Private Schools in the State:

The Plateau Government said it had concluded arrangements to close down all unregistered private primary and secondary schools for their failure to remit taxes.

Mr Samuel Pam, the Executive Chairman of the Plateau Board of Internal Revenue, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Friday in Jos that the board would carry out the exercise in collaboration with the Ministry of Education.

“The board in conjunction with the ministry of education has established an enforcement committee that will go round and

fish out such schools.

“Some proprietors of the private schools as well as their staff have not been remitting any form of levy or revenue to the

state coffers.

“Such private schools have been enjoying the social amenities provided by the state government at the detriment of other

tax payers,” he said.

Pam said all registered schools would henceforth pay their taxes through the banks instead of paying cash at the

counter of the board.

He called on all the unregistered schools to get properly registered with the ministry of education to avoid being penalised.

According to him, the government has consolidated all forms of revenue or tax payment from both local and state governments through the banks.

The chairman urged individuals and corporate organisations to process their Tax Identification Numbers (TIN) as all revenue

payments would be through it.

He said processing of TIN was being carried out by the board free of charge for all categories of tax payers.

“If you have your TIN number you will not pay multiple taxes. TIN is a special number that will be given to either individuals

or organisations that contains their details,” he said.

The chairman called on citizens of Plateau to immediately process their TIN numbers, as personal income tax and pay as you earn, will all be paid through the method to the board. (NAN)