The Secret Of My Success In 5 Years

Success is predictable because it is built on principles. They are created and made by laws. Failure is also predictable because of law you can decide success or failure by keeping principles
Every human want to succeed. No one plans to fail!
Your success is good for God.

Purpose – An original intent for the creation of thing. Success is measured by what you’re born to do. It is the idea that keeps coming to your mind and, thing you complains the most about your country, dream you are afraid to tell people about. Your future is not ahead of you it is trapped on the inside!
Passion –It is a desire stronger than opposition, disappointment and death. A person with passion doesn’t need motivation. He’s someone who can lose friend. He doesn’t need an alarm to wake. Passion is when you discover your purpose for a living.
Plan – it is documenting your purpose. If you don’t document your dream you don’t believe in your dream. If your dream doesn’t benefit you and the people then it is not a dream. Get a dream in your heart to help other people. Purpose and Passion on paper!
Principles – If you are going to be successful you must live by principles to protect you. The laws you personally desire not to valuate.
People – if you must be successful then chose the right people. A friend is anyone who can help you fulfills your dream, achieve your vision and helps get to your future. If you’re the smartest in the group then change the group! You can’t outgrow your friends. People who are going nowhere want you to go with them. Your future is determined by the friends you keep. Friends are more important than relations! Don’t be with people who don’t belief in your dream, vision.

Four types of people: Those that Subtract, Divide, Add, and Multiply. A book can be a best friend in your life! Books are good people, they help you. Crowds never succeed!

Let’s cont’ with other principles:

Persistence – Dream what you are dreaming.
Patience – No one succeed in a day. It is postponing the fulfillment of pleasure; it is working while you’re waiting.
Perseverance – It is getting up after you’ve fallen down. No one succeeds the first time. Every successful person has a story! Great leaders don’t wear medals but scars on their back. Never trust a person who hasn’t survived anything.

When you talk you learn what you know but when you listen you learning what the other mans know. Ask question! Question make the other person teach you. Hard hands are the price you pay for people’s freedom! Ask God to give you hard hands. You will never be accepted until you’re been truly rejected! Stop trying to make the easy way. Do right all the time even if it cost you pain, money. Whatever you compromise today you’ll lose it!

Posterity – it simply means the next generation! Success is measured by what you do to the next generation. Is your dream big enough for the generation to enjoy?
Prayer – it is daily consulting with the one who gave you number one (the purpose). Because no one knows a product like a manufacturer. It is the only principle of success.

Do not seek success rather seek to become valuable. Your gift will attract people to you.

No one came on earth empty; we all came to earth with a purpose. The richest place on earth is not far from you.

The richest place is not in the other planet, not in Australia but in your home, the house. The richest place is the graveyard. My brothers and sisters we should be ready to die for our country! Let’s change our mindset before our mind changes us! Your dream is right in your hands!

Money is not what you need first! Money is attracted to vision not to people. If you don’t have what you can share with people then you’ve got nothing.

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