Poly Ibadan Students Discover Alligator in Hostel

Poly Ibadan Students Discover Alligator in Hostel:


There was commotion last Saturday at Sango Campus of The Polytechnic Ibadan when students discovered a baby alligator in Olori Female Hall.

The hostel is located near Apete River, the north of the campus. An occupant of the hostel, who was washing her clothes, found the reptile, crawling into the building. She alerted other occupants, who were relaxing the in their rooms. Within a moment, the hostel was deserted by the students, who ran in different directions.

The occupants alerted the hostel porters, who moved to the scene. It was learnt that the porters used a long rod to kill the reptile, which tried to escape into the river.

While the reptile was being chased, there was a panic among students in nearby hostel, who got a hint that the creature had sneaked into the compound.

Because of the hostel’s proximity to the river, students said snakes are seen around regularly, but noted that it was the first time a reptile would be found, reinforcing the notion that there may be harmful creatures in the Apete River.

Some of the students said the alligator may have escaped from the University of Ibadan zoo, which is close to the school. Some other made a joke out of the incident, saying the reptile was spiritually sent to attack one of the hostel’s occupants.

Some frightened occupants, who spoke to CAMPUSLIFE, said they could not say if the creature was a crocodile or an alligator.

Aisha Salami, an occupant, said: “We were frightened at the sight of the animal. It was discovered by one of the occupants, who had gone to wash her clothes. Although, we are used to seeing different kinds of animals such as snakes in the rainy season, but finding an alligator is totally strange.”

Another occupant, who declined to give her name, said: “I initially thought the alligator could have escaped from the zoo, but when I remembered we live close to a river, I was relieved.”

Porters advised occupants to be vigilant, urging them to notify the authorities whenever they discover strange animals around the hostel.

The baby alligator was found seven days after a snake was discovered in student’s room and one of the offices in the Mass Communication Department.

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