Students’ Exposure to Internet Engenders Skills Acquisition – Don

Dr Udofia Aniefiok, a lecturer at the University of Uyo, on Wednesday said that students needed internet exposure because it engendered skills acquisition.

Aniefiok said this during an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja.

“Students could be encouraged by exposing them to the techniques of investigating information through the internet.

“So, I think it will do them well because whatever information a student can find out on his own retains more than what was taught to him or her.

“Internet browsing is good if they (users) can do it positively, not the negative part of it.

“Personally, I have patented water-activated heating element which is in the market, the product is so unique that it heats only when in water.

“If you take it out of water it will not heat. This idea came when I noticed a lot of homes being burnt by boiling rings.

“So, I went into some findings and I made it; it has a censor. Once water dries off, it will stop functioning and it is very safe”.

Aniefiok added that internet could be used as a tool for gaining skills that would benefit students if they were duly guided on the sites.