A Varsity in Uganda Requested for Nigerian Lecturers

A Varsity in Uganda Requested for Nigerian Lecturers:

A University in Uganda, the Islamic University Mbale, Uganda has requested to the Nigerian authorities for fifty-seven lecturers in various fields.

The request is sequel to a bilateral agreement signed between Nigeria and the Republic of Uganda last month.

In the agreement Nigeria renewed its pact to assist the East African country with skilled personnel

Director-General of the Directorate of Technical Aid Corps (TAC) Dr. Pius Osunyikanmi in an interview said the written request was submitted through the Nigerian Embassy in Kampalla.

Osunyikanmi said that the request of the Islamic University which was made through its Vice-Rector, Dr. Mouhamad Mpezamihigo is in the area of Engineering, Law, Medicine and Education.

According to him his office “had also received a deluge of requests from various sectors in Uganda with many calling for the deployment of classroom teachers to curb the shortfall in the number of teaching personnel in the East African country.

The university, Osunyikanmi has not less than 200 Nigerian students in its enrollment presently.

He pointed out that beneficiaries of the scheme who would be recruited across the country and be deployed next January are mainly first degree holders with 3 years experience.

Osunyikanmi however said TAC is finding it difficult enlisting Doctorate Degree holders in the scheme as the amount they are to receive is below the industry standard in Nigeria.

He noted that a lot of requests from majority of African countries are for PhD holders.

Osunyikanmi pointed out that TAC would make a request to President Goodluck Jonathan to approve increase in the stipend for Senior Lecturers to meet the demand of the countries.

The DG said that “the request from our brothers for our assistance is massive. In fact, less than a month after we renewed the pact with Uganda, we have got about 150 requests.

“This scheme is mutually beneficial to us in Nigeria and those countries we are deploying to. With it, we feel proud of playing our role which is also exposing our youths to outside practices.