UNILORIN 1st Class Graduands Share Experiences

It was a beehive of activities on the main campus of the University of Ilorin penultimate week, as the institution turned out a total of 6,328 graduands during its 30th convocation ceremonies.

UNILORIN 1st class graduate

A breakdown of the graduands showed that 5,438 received their first degrees/diplomas while 890 got higher degrees/diplomas. A further breakdown of the first degree category shows that 48 came out with First Class, 1,190 Second Class Upper Division, 2,814 Second Class Lower Division, 1067 Third Class, 84 Pass, 18 Diplomas and 217 M.B.B.S. graduands.

In separate interviews with Unilorin Bulletin, some of the First Class graduands expressed gratitude to Almighty God and shared some of their experiences on campus:

Mubaraki Saheed Balogun, (Arts): “I give all thanks to God, He is the one who has made it possible, not by dint of hard work, not by might, but it is just by the doing of Allah. I have a flair for social life; I only did what other students do, which is reading. I did my best by making sure that I covered all of my texts before it is time for either tests or exams. My advice to other students who are yet to graduate is that if you are passing through school, you should also allow the school to pass through you; everything should be done with balance and moderation. There should be focus.”

Omojolowo Oluwafemi (Management Sciences): “I feel elated and I feel on top of the world; words cannot explain the amount of emotions going through me right now. I did some brutal reading but whether you like it or not, it is not by power but by God’s grace. God’s grace upon my life has been innumerable. Success is a means to the hands of joy and joy means, God first, others next and then you. Imparting others is very crucial to success on campus. Without the University of Ilorin, this probably wouldn’t have been possible because I started enjoying scholarships right from my 100L, along with other scholarships. The lecturers, the academic environment, everything, the University of Ilorin is a place to be.

Atunbi Oluwatoyin Emmanuella (Civil Engineering): I feel very happy and elated; I am grateful to God that I worked hard and I came out successful. First, I prayed to God, and I mingled with my friends, whatever I do not know, I ask my friends and whatever they don’t know, they come to ask me and that helped  me a lot in giving me success. I attended few parties but not as much as some of my other colleagues. I advise other students to be focused, write out their goals and try as much as possible to achieve those goals.

Isiaka Babatunde Akanmu (Education): “Man’s duty is to struggle, while Allah’s responsibility is to crown efforts, I did not do anything. I just faced my studies squarely and I always back my hard work with prayer and that is all.”

Ibrahim Sheriff Tolulope (Department of Social Sciences Education): “I feel honoured and happy. I will advise other students on campus to be dedicated to their studies and they should put in more efforts because anything worth doing is worth doing well and at the end of the day, they will reap the fruits of their labour. You have to determine within yourself first, after that, you work very hard. They should please remember God in everything they do. University of Ilorin has assisted us in many ways, first, the University gave us qualified lecturers to teach us, and a conducive environment. Though many say it is stressful, life generally is stressful. So one should just try to learn what they are giving to you and once you learn there and you face greater challenges in life, you will excel. There is something I keep in mind, I help people a lot, and I believe in that; probably it is because I help people and now God is paying me for it.”

Erugo Faith Onyedikachi (Biochemistry): “It is God that made this success possible and my efforts too. I made sure that I attended all my lectures and did all my assignments. I studied hard and then I prayed, which is the most important because it is not by strength, it is just by God’s grace. It is not that I am more intelligent than other colleagues but just God’s grace which is the most vital thing. I did not have much social life on campus, but the only thing that kept me away from my studies were the activities in my fellowship, the Winners Campus Fellowship. My advice to other students is to always study and have a goal and do your possible best to achieve it. Putting God into all your activities and definitely, He will make it possible”.

Afolabi Ganiyat Kemi (Computer Science): “The University of Ilorin provided a challenging and enabling environment to study. We had great lecturers and the hostel life was fine. My route is from the class to the library and from the library to the hostel. My friends say I don’t have social life but I don’t think so. When I am not reading, I am on my phone.”

 Yinusa Mariam Motunrayo (Best Medical graduand): “I am so happy because I did my parents proud; what you need to succeed is prayers and steadfastness. The University of Ilorin has provided very dedicated lecturers; they tried their best as much as possible.”.

Omole Samuel Oluwasunkami (Mechanical Engineering): God is relevant to my success story and at the same time, I balanced my time properly so it was not just academics alone. I studied my lecturers; I know what they want and that really helped me in my studies. The University of Ilorin has provided a very competitive and conducive atmosphere for learning which has assisted me to excel.  I advise other students to believe in God, God is the foremost. They should take their studies seriously, when you work hard, success is very sure for you. Then, discipline is very important. Discipline will make you want to read when others are sleeping.”