2014 WAEC May/June Specimens for Chemistry Practical

The 2014 WAEC May/June specimens for Chemistry practical is out, so science students can start their practice and research on it now. The specimen was sent in by a reader of this blog, so you can verify it from your school Chemistry teacher.

WAEC chemistry specimens

Specimens for Chemistry – WAEC

usual apparatus are and reagents
-dilute sodium hydroxide solution
-dilute ammonia solution
-dilute hydrochloric acid
-distilled water
-red and blue litmus paper
-fehlings solution(I II)
-concentrated tetraoxosulphate (vi) solution (H2SO4)
-freshly prepared iron(II) tetraoxosulphate (VI) solution (Fe2SO4)
-burette(50cm 3), pipette (20cm 3 or 25cm 3),filtration apparatus
-methyl orange
-boiling tube, test tubes,


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