AYuTe Africa Challenge Nigeria 2023 for Agritech Businesses

The AYuTe Africa Challenge Nigeria 2023, initiated by Heifer International & executed by Wennovation Hub, invites innovative entrepreneurs to uplift Nigeria's agricultural sector. Offering mentorship, training, and a chance to win $20,000, it targets youth-led businesses with feasible tech solutions for smallholder farmers. Apply by July 31, 2023.

AYuTe Africa Challenge Nigeria

Are you a budding tech enthusiast with a fresh, innovative solution that could revolutionise the face of African agriculture, particularly for smallholder farmers? Is your heart set on sparking tangible socio-economic changes within the Nigerian community? The AYuTe Africa Challenge Nigeria 2023 is your calling.

Challenge AYuTe Africa Challenge Nigeria 2023
Objective Empower innovative entrepreneurs transforming Nigerian agriculture
Programme Offerings Business training, mentorship, pitch opportunities to financiers
Organisers Initiated by Heifer International & implemented by Wennovation Hub
Benefits Chance to win a share of $20,000
Eligibility Ages 18-35; youth-led agritech businesses; Nigerian nationality; innovative, feasible, eco-friendly ideas; No criminal record; Potential for partnerships
Company Criteria Registered in Nigeria; Scalable impact on smallholder farmers; Technological innovation; Competitive advantage
Application Deadline July 31, 2023, 5pm WAT; Follow on social media: @heifernigeria & @AyuteAfrica

Embracing a New Dawn for Nigeria’s Agriculture

This initiative is a clarion call to all Nigerian tech enthusiasts with the zeal to herald a prosperous epoch for Nigeria’s agricultural domain. The challenge isn’t merely a contest; it’s a pedestal for budding entrepreneurs to emerge from the shadows and bask in the limelight. Besides showcasing their ideas, participants will benefit from in-depth business training, exclusive mentorship sessions with industry doyens, and golden opportunities to present their innovations to potential investors.

Crafted with diligence by Heifer International and brought to life by Wennovation Hub, the AYuTe Africa Challenge Nigeria seeks to pinpoint and foster agritech enterprises that radiate novelty, significance, and tech prowess. These enterprises should be poised for growth, spearheaded by the youth, and geared towards making a sweeping impact on smallholder farmers.

Why Join the Challenge?

Reap the Rewards:

  • Stand a chance to clinch a portion of a whopping $20,000.

Who Can Embark on This Journey?

Eligibility Checklist:

  • Age bracket: 18-35 by the final submission day.
  • Nigerian nationals flaunting a valid ID (National ID, Passport, or Voter’s Card).
  • A creator or collaborator of the venture vying in the challenge, playing a pivotal role in its trajectory.
  • A clean slate with no criminal blemishes linked to corruption, evasion, malfeasance, felonies, or other misdemeanours.
  • An idea, rooted in agriculture, that is actionable, tech-savvy, cost-effective, eco-friendly, and problem-solving.
  • A venture’s financial statements in hand.
  • Potential for synergies and alliances with other stakeholders.

The Enterprise Should Boast:

  • Proper registration with Nigerian officialdom.
  • A scalable model with a tangible impact on a plethora of smallholder farmers – showcasing an evident uptick in their revenue and operational efficiency.
  • Potential to generate employment and combat poverty.
  • Resonance with national directives and global conventions, such as the SDGs.
  • Tech innovations targeting challenges faced by smallholder farmers, including:
    • Boosting productivity and income.
    • Streamlining operations.
    • Enhancing resilience.
    • Facilitating access to information.
    • Cultivating a robust competitive edge.

Make Your Move

Gear up, as the gates for applications will close on July 31, 2023, at 5pm WAT.

An Essential Note: Boost your connection by following the orchestrators on their social handles: @heifernigeria and @AyuteAfrica.

Ready to Dive In? Apply here.

For a more exhaustive insight, feel free to explore the AYuTe Africa Challenge Nigeria portal.

Embark on this riveting journey, amalgamate technology and agriculture, and script Nigeria’s next success saga!

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