Enter the Coal City University (CCU) Essay Competition 2024: Win Up to ₦500,000!

Are you a Nigerian senior secondary school student passionate about the impacts of social media? The Coal City University Essay Competition 2024 invites you to express your insights on 'Social Media as a Double-Edged Sword' and win incredible prizes, including a full tuition fee scholarship at CCU. Dive into this critical discourse and stand a chance to make a difference and be rewarded.

Coal City University (CCU) Essay Contest

The Coal City University (CCU) essay competition is a prestigious annual event that invites senior secondary school students from SS1 to SS3 across Nigeria to delve into critical global issues through the art of essay writing. This year, the competition turns its focus to a subject that resonates on both local and international stages: “Social Media As a Double-Edged Sword.” This theme invites young minds to explore the complex and multifaceted effects of social media on youth, identity, relationships, mental health, and activism within the Nigerian context and beyond.

Theme 🌐 Social Media as a Double-Edged Sword
Eligibility 🎓 SS1 to SS3 Nigerian students
Prizes 💰 1st: 500,000 naira or Scholarship, 2nd: 250,000 naira, 3rd: 150,000 naira
Deadline ⏰ 6th May 2024
Submission Length 📄 700-1000 words
Language 📝 British English
Originality ✅ Must be original, plagiarism-free
Notification 📩 Shortlisted students notified by 12th June 2024

Why Enter the CCU Essay Competition?

Participating in this competition provides a unique opportunity for students to develop their writing skills, boost confidence, and express creativity. It serves as a platform for raising awareness about the role of social media in shaping the lives of young Nigerians and encourages participants to reflect deeply on their personal experiences and societal observations. Winners of the competition not only gain significant cash prizes but also the chance to present their ideas to peers and thought leaders, potentially influencing the discourse on social media’s impact on society.

Essay Topic and Prompt

  • Topic: “Social Media As a Double-Edged Sword”
  • Prompt: Students are tasked to reflect on and write about the influence of social media on identity construction, interpersonal relationships, mental health, and digital activism, among other aspects. The competition seeks essays that offer personal insights, scholarly research, and visionary ideas on creating a positive future in a world increasingly dominated by digital platforms.

Submission Guidelines

  • Eligibility: Open to all Nigerian students in senior secondary classes (SS1-SS3), regardless of their school type.
  • Essay Length: Between 700-1000 words.
  • Language: The essay must be written in British English.
  • Submission: Participants must register and submit their essays online via CCU’s official website.
  • Deadline: Essays must be submitted by 11:59 pm WAT on May 6, 2024.
  • Originality: Submissions must be the original work of the student. Plagiarism will lead to disqualification.

Prizes and Recognition

  • First Prize: ₦500,000 or a full tuition fee scholarship at CCU for any course, plus a Certificate of Achievement.
  • Second Prize: ₦250,000 and a Certificate of Achievement.
  • Third Prize: ₦150,000 and a Certificate of Achievement.
  • Consolation Prizes: All shortlisted students will receive consolation prizes and a Certificate of Participation.

Additional awards, including the Best School Award and School Incentive Award, may be presented where applicable.

Judging Criteria and Selection Procedure

The competition boasts a transparent and rigorous judging process, evaluating entries on relevance, clarity, originality, research depth, and grammatical accuracy. The selection procedure encompasses registration, submission, and a two-tier judging phase that includes both written submissions and oral presentations for the finalists. The culmination of this comprehensive process will be an award ceremony slated to take place at the University Auditorium on July 24, 2024.

A Call to Action

The CCU essay competition is more than a contest; it’s an intellectual journey that challenges young Nigerians to think critically about the digital environment shaping our world. By participating, you not only stand a chance to win impressive prizes but also contribute to an important conversation that could lead to meaningful change in how we perceive and interact with social media.

So, if you’re a senior secondary school student passionate about making your voice heard, we encourage you to seize this opportunity. Reflect, write, and possibly reshape the future of social media in Nigeria and beyond.

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