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The Commonwealth PhD Scholarships for 2024/2025, funded by the UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office, present a unique opportunity for scholars from the Commonwealth’s least developed and fragile States. These scholarships aim to empower scholars to conduct groundbreaking research that aligns with global development objectives, all while studying at esteemed UK universities.

Commonwealth PhD Scholarships Application

The Commonwealth PhD Scholarships for the academic year 2024/2025 have officially commenced their application process. Administered by the UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO), these scholarships constitute an invaluable financial support structure that aims to nurture research-focused academics from underprivileged backgrounds within the Commonwealth. Specifically, the scholarships are designed to target scholars hailing from the least developed countries and fragile states in the Commonwealth, offering them the opportunity to undertake full-time doctoral studies at UK institutions of higher learning.

Sponsor UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office funds the scholarship.
Objective Aimed at enabling research that contributes to the development needs of Commonwealth countries.
Target Candidates from least developed countries and fragile States in the Commonwealth.
Benefits Full tuition, airfare, monthly stipend, and additional allowances.
️ Deadline Apply by 16:00 BST on 17 October 2023 for the 2024/25 academic year.
Eligibility Citizen or refugee from eligible Commonwealth countries, academic and financial criteria.
️ Study Full-time doctoral study at a UK university.
Agencies National nominating agencies, selected universities, and NGOs can nominate.

The Commonwealth Scholarship Commission: An Instrument of Global Commitment

The Commonwealth Scholarship Commission in the United Kingdom (CSC) stands as the government’s arm responsible for administering these scholarships, predicated upon international development goals. Functioning under the broad canvas of the Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan (CSFP), the CSC exemplifies the United Kingdom’s unwavering commitment to enriching the academic landscape of the Commonwealth. The Commission seeks to identify prodigiously talented individuals, irrespective of their social backgrounds, and offers them a platform to metamorphose into innovative leaders and trailblazers upon their return to their home countries. In doing so, the CSC ingeniously marries the objectives of sustainable development with those of the UK’s national interests, concurrently opening doors for global partnerships and collaborative endeavours.

What Does the Scholarship Offer? A Comprehensive Benefits Package

Flight and Travel Provisions

The scholarship covers approved flight expenses for scholars to travel from their home countries to the UK and back upon completion of their academic programme. However, it is worth noting that the CSC does not shoulder the travel costs for any accompanying dependants nor any travel costs incurred prior to the official confirmation of the scholarship award.

Tuition Fee Coverage

The scholarship ensures that the full tuition fees are taken care of through an agreement established between the CSC and the respective UK universities. Consequently, scholars are exempt from making any contribution towards their tuition fees.

Monthly Living Stipend

Scholars are entitled to a monthly living stipend, pegged at £1,347. Those pursuing their studies in universities within the London metropolitan area are allocated a stipend of £1,652 per month, based on current rate assessments.

Additional Allowances

Other financial provisions include a warm clothing allowance, a study-related travel grant for both domestic and international destinations, and special funding towards overseas fieldwork expeditions.

Family Support

For scholars accompanied by family members, various allowances are available based on different circumstances. These include a spouse allowance, child allowance, and provisions for mid-term visits to the scholar’s home country.

Eligibility Criteria: Are You an Ideal Candidate?

Nationality and Residence

To be considered for this academic boon, candidates must either be citizens of eligible Commonwealth countries, have obtained refugee status in such a country, or be recognised as a British Protected Person. Additionally, permanent residency in an eligible Commonwealth country is requisite.

Academic Requirements

Candidates must hold a first degree with a minimum of an upper second-class (2:1) honours standard, or possess a lower second-class degree supplemented by a pertinent postgraduate qualification. Importantly, applicants must not already be registered for a PhD or an MPhil leading to a PhD, either in the UK or their home country, prior to the academic year beginning in September/October 2024.

Financial Need

Financial incapacity to fund education in the UK is another criterion that candidates must meet.


All required documentation must be provided in the designated format to validate the application.

How to Apply: Important Deadlines and Procedures

Applications opened on the 5th of September and must be submitted by 16:00 hours BST (15:00 GMT) on the 17th of October 2023. Besides applying to the CSC, candidates are required to submit an application to an authorised nominating agency, which can include national nominating agencies, selected universities, and specific non-governmental organisations and charitable bodies.

For further information and to apply, you may visit the official Commonwealth PhD Scholarships website.

The information provided herein serves as a comprehensive guide for aspiring scholars, delineating every facet of the Commonwealth PhD Scholarships for 2024/2025. With opportunities abound for academic advancement and international collaboration, these scholarships are not merely financial aid packages but catalysts for transformative, global impact.

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