40 Ways to Develop a Working Memory

You can only get a sound memory by challenging your brain to break out of its comfort zone.


Are you set to break out of your comfort zone? If yes, below are some games and activities you can start to help you develop a working memory.

Some of these games and activities are weird, while some  have more effect on your intellect than others, so apply with discretion.

1. Challenge a friend to a game of chess.

2. Play chess on and with your PC every day.

3. Play a game of Sudoku 30 minutes daily.

4. Get a team of four and have a nice game of Scrabble.

5. Play Jigsaw puzzle with your kid (or with someone younger).

6. Memorize your grocery list before going to the store.

7. If you’re right handed, use your left hand to do important tasks such as eating, using your iPod, brushing your teeth or using your PC. If you’re left handed, use your opposite hand for these tasks.

8. Get dressed with your eyes closed.

9. Listen to music while walking in the garden and consciously smell the flowers.

10. Watch the movement of the clouds while listening for cricket sounds.

11. Break habits by driving a different route to work.

12. If you’re used to shopping at a particular grocery store, make a change.

13. Take a trip to anywhere of your choice.

14. Plait your doll’s hair with your eyes closed.

15. Run around your house naked, (as long as you don’t stay in a glass house). I stay in a house full of people, so I can’t do this. But it’s a work in progress 🙂 .

16. Learn a musical instrument.

17. Attempt to solve a Rubik’s cube.

18. Play an action game.

19. Play a speed racing game like Need for Speed to work on your reflexes.

20. Close your eyes and identify objects by feeling them.

21. Play a word puzzle. Ask a friend to give you a random selection of letters while you form complete words from these combinations.

22. Pray for someone you hate.

23. If you wear your wrist watch on your left hand, wear it on your right hand for one day. Then change it back the next day.

24. Try to identify the colour of every car that passes you on your way to work, school or the store.

25. Learn to ride a bicycle if you don’t already know how to.

26. Joggle balls of different colours like a circus clown.

27. Write a poem (especially if you’ve never written it before). I’ve discovered that poetry involves thinking outside the box. I only started writing poems some months ago and I love it!

28. Play a game of dodge ball (with soft balls of course).

29. If you don’t cook, get to the kitchen and make something sumptuous….yum!!

30. Memorize one phone number on your contact list per day.

31. Draw the World map by tracing it and after 24 hours, draw it without tracing.

32. Identify one country on the map everyday and after 24 hours, try to remember what you memorized.

33. Learn to change a car tyre.

34. Learn the lyrics of a new song (rap would be best).

35. Memorize your QWERTY keyboard completely so you can type without looking at the keyboard (as a writer, this is an asset). I’m good with the letters, but the numbers…..O my gosh.

36. Try to remember the first names of everyone you meet today.

37. Imagine your future.

38. Learn how to knot a neck tie.

39. Take note of something good that your spouse, sibling or friend did that you’ve never noticed before.

40. Write a ton of articles daily, even if they make no sense.

Beware, after applying the above strategies, you are liable to get smarter; user discretion is advised 😉 .

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