How To Become Better Than Your Classmates While In School And When Out Of School As An Entrepreneur

Looking at our school system today, you will see that they are problems already. Nigerian educational system is performing below standards and that had caused more harm than good.


So many jobless graduates littered there in the streets of various cities that aren’t even employable with the few jobs available

Same time, students who pitch all these things early while in school that there is no job always pay the smart roles and do something fast on time so as not to be among the victims our dilapidated.

Having followed some steps while in school, and looking at the margin when you compare me with my classmates, then, you need to follow all the points I will be listing here that will help you become a better person while in school and when you eventually graduate from school.

First thing first, let’s look at

How to Become Better Than Your Classmates While In School.

Looking at the current trend and you want to be smart about begetting of your classmates and schoolmate in general, kindly note the following things below

1. You must read your books.

This is the paramount thing for every student. No, matter what, you must read your books to come up with excellent grades. No matter what, you must read your books, else you will have big time issues passing your exams and making good grades out of it. Even M ark Zuckerberg that dropped out of school when back to complete his degree program, but then, that shouldn’t be your case. You need to graduate with your mates because your story can’t be like that of Mark.

2. You must make acquire some service skills.

One thing I loved being a student is that there is time and I had plenty of it. Trust me, students are free. Lectures go from 8:00am to 2:00 pm on a normal day ecept in few days where it extends to 4 or, but then, there is time.

Use that time well and acquire a skill that can make you money.

During my time, I got involved into graphics design where I made lots of money designing and doing printing business from home.

In my story, that graphics I started is what brought me this far and I’m still kicking up.

3. You must read leadership and good books

Since everything is not all about school, you must read external books to help your life. There are hard copies, there are soft copies, there are audios and videos to watch, which everyone that you find easier, you must go through them to learn from people who have passed the current state you are now. All the top rich men in the world today have attributed their success to reading good books and that’s one thing you mustn’t miss.

4. You must either start some small business or start using your skills to make some money.

Learn to start being independent on good way to start doing so is by starting a small business while in school. Yes, you will be classifies among the unserious student in class but then, you’re doing the right thing for your future. Don’t just acquire the skill and wait until you graduate from school, start immediately, no matter how small.

5. How to Become Better Than Your Classmates after School

So now, you’re done with school and you’re left without job to face the hard economy, my dear, the time to utilize what you did in school has come.  All you need now is scale up.

6. Scale up what you have started.

You’re out of school, now it time to scale up. Believe me, if you started while in school, you won’t have big issues growing bigger when you’re out of school. Plan and seek various ways of expanding your small business. Nurture and grow it into something big.

7. Liaise and connect with the tope guys in your industry

While you’re working on growing your business, make sure you reach out and connect with top guys in your industry. Go to people you feel will help you the growth of your business. Let’s look at this way.

I’m a writer and a blog, having look at various blogs to get featured in, My School Ng is one of them. Do I know the owner before? No! So how did I get to him?

The answer is SOCIAL MEDIA.

Social media have made life easier and connecting with other in your industry is now very easy. All you need to do is reach out to them and be professional while doing so, you’ll definitely get good traction with the list of guys you need to identify yourself with.

I have already shared a guide on how to build a successful business with social media like Facebook.

8. Register and start as official company.

By now, it’s expected you must have reached some level of reputable success in your business, kindly register and claim your business name with CAC. Follow all the legal requirements and get listed as a real business.

9. Outsource or employ few staff for growth.

When we talk of outsourcing, we’re talking about hiring and getting good hands to do something for you in exchange for a pay.

A time will come when you can do everything, then; you will need to outsource professionals in that field. There are so many way to get cheap labor out there, so that won’t be a problem of your side.


Having said everything about how to become better than your classmates while in school and when out of school, I will leave you with the popular saying that says “the future belongs to those who create it”

Hope this tip helped a lot.

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