Mastercard Scholars Program at University of Edinburgh 2023/24

In a rapidly evolving world, how can ambitious students from Sub-Saharan Africa contribute meaningfully to the pressing issue of the climate crisis? Is there a platform where they can acquire advanced, sustainability-focused knowledge? Does the idea of receiving a scholarship from a prestigious institution resonate with their aspirations? The Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program at the University of Edinburgh 2023/2024 is the beacon of hope they seek, illuminating the path to transformative leadership.

The University of Edinburgh announces the opening of applications for the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Programme 2023/2024. This prestigious programme holds a steadfast commitment to making a significant mark in the fight against the climate crisis. By fostering a community of astute, innovative, and empathetic leaders from Sub-Saharan Africa, the initiative envisions transforming the sustainability landscape.

Program Mastercard Foundation Scholars at University of Edinburgh 2023/2024
Focus Addressing climate crisis, fostering Sub-Saharan Africa’s leaders
Opportunities Online Masters (3 years) & Online Post-graduate Diploma (2 years)
Study Areas Global Challenges, One Health, Circular Economy, etc.
Scholarship Full tuition, stipend, in-person gathering, online workshops, dedicated coordinator
Eligibility Academic qualifications, Sub-Saharan Africa residency, leadership, age ≤ 35, etc.
Special Consider Female scholars, refugees, scholars with disabilities
Deadline December 7, 2023

Vision and Aims of the Programme

The Mastercard Foundation Scholars Programme is passionately dedicated to nurturing young minds by equipping them with the vital knowledge, skills, and networks needed to champion sustainable transitions. By collaborating with the University of Edinburgh, the programme provides remarkable sustainability-centric postgraduate opportunities.

Mastercard Foundation Scholars Programme at the University of Edinburgh

Academic Pathways to Choose

Applicants have the liberty to choose between the following postgraduate tracks:

Online Masters

  • Duration: Part-time over 3 years.
  • Focus: For those with undergraduate degrees aiming to delve deeper into their chosen or related domain.

Programmes under this category:

  • International Development (Masters route only)
  • Global Food Security and Nutrition (Masters or Diploma)
  • Global Challenges (Masters or Diploma)
  • Carbon Management (Masters route only)
  • One Health (Masters or Diploma)
  • Circular Economy (Masters or Diploma)
  • Sustainable Lands and Cities (Masters or Diploma)
  • Social Justice and Community Action (Masters or Diploma)

Online Postgraduate Diploma

  • Duration: Part-time over 2 years.
  • Focus: Targeted at individuals contemplating a vocational pivot in their careers.

Programmes under this category:

  • One Health
  • Global Food Security and Nutrition
  • Global Challenges
  • Social Justice and Community Action
  • Circular Economy
  • Sustainable Land and Cities

Generosity of the Scholarship

The scholarship exhibits immense generosity, providing:

  • Full Tuition Waiver: Scholar’s tuition fees are completely borne by the scholarship.
  • Academic Stipend: Ensuring scholars have access to high-quality internet and the necessary technology.
  • Networking Opportunities: Scholars get the privilege to attend in-person gatherings.
  • Extended Support: Participation in the wider Scholars Programme’s climate leadership curriculum, encompassing online workshops, coaching, and continuous support.
  • Special Coordinator: An exclusive online coordinator for consistent guidance.
  • Additional Provisions: Tailored assistance for scholars with disabilities based on evaluated requirements.

Eligibility: Who Can Apply?

The programme emphasises inclusivity while maintaining rigorous academic standards. Eligibility criteria include:

  • Meeting academic prerequisites for admissions to the University of Edinburgh’s relevant postgraduate courses.
  • Overcoming significant barriers to education, be it social, economic, personal, logistical, or health-related.
  • Graduation from undergraduate studies by September 2023, with necessary certificates and transcripts ready by December 7.
  • Residency and citizenship or refugee status in a Sub-Saharan African nation.
  • Demonstrable history of leadership and community service.
  • Exhibiting genuine intent or experience in countering the climate crisis.
  • Age 35 or below as of September 1, 2024.
  • Non-possession of a prior postgraduate degree and non-enrolment at another university during the scholarship.

Special Note: The programme holds a torch for diverse representation, ardently welcoming applications from female scholars, those from refugee or displaced backgrounds, and individuals with disabilities.

Selection: What’s Looked For?

The scholarship, being highly competitive, uses a meticulous selection procedure based on:

  • Academic prowess warranting admissions to the University of Edinburgh.
  • Demonstrated leadership and community service history.
  • Aligning application quality with the climate justice theme of the Scholars Programme.
  • Potential to influence positive change in the applicant’s homeland.
  • Overcoming substantial educational barriers.

How to Apply?

Prospective scholars must ensure they meet academic standards for the University of Edinburgh admissions. Interestingly, scholarship applications need to precede university applications. All applications must be submitted through the online portal, with external applications being non-admissible.

Apply Directly: Mastercard Foundation Scholarship Application

For a comprehensive overview, prospective candidates can visit the official Mastercard Foundation Scholars Programme page.

Application Deadline: December 7, 2023.

Note: Aspiring applicants are encouraged to begin the application process well in advance, ensuring conformity with the stipulated criteria and enhancing their prospects of selection.

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