Utomi Describes Nigeria's Education Sector Deficient

Utomi Describes Nigeria’s Education Sector Deficient:

An economic expert, Prof. Pat Utomi, has described the education sector as deficient. He blamed the situation on poor teacher quality, school inspectors, and technology.

In his article entitled, ‘The education nightmare’, posted on his Facebook page, Utomi discussed some highlights of the country’s education sector about 50 years ago, saying, “Back in the 1960s, public primary schools in Surulere, Lagos, such as the Lagos Progressive School, were as good as some of the elite private ones today. But few can say the same this day for government schools.

“Back then, neighbourhood libraries, thanks to the British Council, United States Information Service, etc., were where romantic connections were made. Today, it is probably at a fast-food place.

“From civics and history classes, I could pour out the birthdays of the founding fathers of Nigeria and name every minister at the centre and in northern Nigeria at age 8. Today, I meet graduates who do not know Nigeria fought a civil war. What went wrong and how can we fix it?” the article reads.

According to him, Asian communities thrive because of their passion for education and the rigour with which their governments pursue education policies.

He added that if Nigeria would be competitive in the 21st Century, it has to be passionate about the right and relevant education. He further stated that the absence of education as a core issue in electioneering in the country spoke volumes about the value of the electoral process. (Punch)