Charis Varsity, Lagos Gets Silicon Valley Status

Charis Varsity, Lagos Gets Silicon Valley Status:

Work has commenced on the proposed Charis International University in Lagos, as the proprietors have formally taken possession of the site.

The proposed university, located in Olorunisola Village, Kilometre 55 Lagos-Epe express road, has also been adopted by foreign investors as a Silicon Valley University.

Universities that have SVU status are those with high-profile, multi-billion dollar ICT development centres.

There are only four countries in the world with such universities, and they are United States, China, India and Russia.

The spokesperson for foreign investors in the project, under the aegis of Total Quality Education, Mr. Anthony Owens, said the “strategic endorsement of the proposed Charis University as a Silicon Valley University is a deliberate multi-billion dollar investment to revolutionise economic and industrial development in the African continent.”

He added that Nigeria remained an investment destination in Africa, with the Lekki Free Trade Zone as a major catalyst for economic super highway.

The chairman of the planning committee, Prof. Duro Ajeyalemi, said the institution, sited on 15 hectares of land, would stand out and become the university of first choice in Africa, as sound and excellent scholarship would be vigorously pursued.

Ajeyalemi also said that the Lagos State government had lent its support to the successful take-off of the institution.