FCE Zaria Academic Calendar for 2023/2024 Session

The 2023/2024 academic calendar for Federal College Of Education, Zaria, stands as a beacon for students' planning. But what distinguishes this year from the rest? How are the lecture weeks distributed amongst the holidays? Let’s journey together into FCEZaria's academic itinerary and discover the landmarks!

For students looking to plan their academic year effectively, Federal College Of Education, Zaria (FCEZaria) has released its official academic calendar. This comprehensive guide breaks down the semester activities, providing students and staff with essential dates and schedules.

Start Date Mon. 20th Nov, 2023
Festive Break Christmas/New year Break
Lecture Span 16 Weeks Teaching & Several 2-6 Weeks Slots
Special Holidays Eid al-Fitr, Eid Maulud, Democracy Day
Exam Duration 1 Week (Sept) & 3 Weeks (April-May)
️ Semester Breaks Several 1 Week Breaks
Announcements Academic Session 2024/2025 Starts Oct 2024
✍️ Signatory Muhammad Ibrahim, Academic Secretary

First Semester Highlights for NCE I, II & III

Federal College of Education (FCE) Zaria Academic Calendar

Commencement and Registration

Starting Monday, 20th November 2023, the college will kick off a 16-week teaching practice for the NCE III students, allowing them to gain practical experience in their respective fields. Additionally, a 2-week period for resumption and registration has been slated to end by Friday, 1st December 2023.

Lectures and Breaks

Following registration, a 2-week lecture period commences from Monday, 4th December 2023. For those planning to travel or unwind, a 3-week Christmas and New Year break starts Saturday, 16th December 2023, resuming with lectures on Monday, 8th January 2024.

Mid-Semester Break & Exams

A brief 1-week mid-semester break is scheduled for Saturday, 17th February 2024. Concluding the semester’s lectures, there’s a 5-week period starting Monday, 26th February 2024. This wraps up with Good Friday, Easter Monday & Eid al-Fitr celebrations from Friday, 29th March 2024. The examination season begins Monday, 15th April 2024, lasting for 3 weeks.

Mon. 20th Nov, 2023 Fri. 8th March, 2024 16 Weeks Teaching Practice/SIWES (NCE III)
Mon. 20th Nov, 2023 Fri.1st Dec, 2023 2 Weeks Resumption/Registration
Mon. 4th Dec, 2023 Fri. 15th Dec, 2023 2 Weeks Lectures
Sat. 16th Dec, 2023 Sun. 7th Jan, 2024 3 Weeks Christmas/New year Break
Mon. 8th Jan, 2024 Fri. 16th Feb, 2024 6 Weeks Lectures
Sat. 17th Feb, 2024 Sun. 25th Feb, 2024 1 Week Mid Semester Break
Mon. 26th Feb, 2024 Thur. 28th March, 2024 5 Weeks Lectures
Fri. 29th March, 2024 Fri. 12th April, 2024 Good Friday, Easter Monday & Eid al-Fitr / Sallah Break
Mon. 15th April, 2024 Fri. 26th April, 2024 2 Weeks lectures
Mon. 29th April, 2024 Fri. 17th May, 2024 3 Weeks Examination

Second Semester Highlights for NCE I, II & III

Commencement and Notable Dates

The second semester kicks off with 3-week lectures starting Monday, 20th May 2024. Students should mark their calendars for Wednesday, 12th June 2024 as the Democracy Day & Eid al-Adah Sallah break starts, resuming on Wednesday, 19th June 2024 with a 6-week lecture period.

Mid Semester Break & Exams

Like the first semester, a 1-week mid-semester break is scheduled, this time starting Saturday, 27th July 2024. The Eid Maulud holiday on Monday, 16th September 2024 offers another brief respite. The semester concludes with a 1-week examination period starting Tuesday, 17th September 2024.

Mon. 20th May, 2024 Tue. 11th June, 2024 3 Weeks Lectures
Wed. 12th June, 2024 Tue. 18th June, 2024 Democracy Day & Eid al- Adah Sallah Break
Wed. 19th June, 2024 Fri. 26th July, 2024 6 Weeks Lectures
Sat. 27th July, 2024 Sun. 3rd Aug, 2024 1 Weeks Mid Semester Break
Mon. 5th Aug, 2024 Fri. 30th Aug, 2024 4 Weeks Lectures
Mon. 2nd Sept, 2024 Fri. 13th Sept, 2024 2 Weeks Examination
Mon. 16th Sept, 2024 Eid Maulud Holiday
Tue. 17th Sept, 2024 Fri. 20th Sept, 2024 1 Week Examination

Lastly, for those planning ahead, the 2024/2025 academic session is set to commence on Monday, 21st October 2024.

For current students and prospective ones, staying informed about academic schedules is crucial. Federal College Of Education, Zaria remains committed to providing quality education and keeping its community updated.

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