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PAAU Student Regularisation Procedure 2024 - Step-by-Step Guide

Are you a student at Prince Abubakar Audu University (PAAU) needing to regularise your academic records? Whether you've changed your course, institution, or need a name correction, the university has outlined a straightforward procedure for student regularisation. Wondering what steps you need to take and how to get started? Read on for a detailed guide to ensure your records are up to date.

Prince Abubakar Audu University (PAAU) Students Regularization

The Prince Abubakar Audu University (PAAU) students regularization procedure for 2024 has been released. Formerly known as Kogi State University (KSU), PAAU has outlined a detailed process for student regularization. This guide will walk you through the necessary steps to ensure your records are up-to-date and compliant with university regulations.

University Prince Abubakar Audu University (PAAU)
Purpose Student Regularisation
Changes Course, Institution, Name Corrections
Office Visit JAMB Office for Bio-data and Payment
Form Obtain and fill Indemnity Form
️ Submission Submit at Room 16, Academic Office
✔️ Approval Check JAMB Portal for Approval
Documents Print JAMB Admission Letter and submit to Academic Office

Understanding the Regularization Process

Regularization is essential for students who have undergone changes in their academic or personal details, ensuring that these changes are accurately reflected in the university and JAMB records.

Steps for Regularization

Follow these steps to complete the regularization process:

  1. Visit the JAMB Office: Provide your bio-data at the JAMB office.
  2. Payment and Indemnity Form: Make the required payment to JAMB and obtain the indemnity form.
  3. Complete the Indemnity Form: Fill out your part of the indemnity form and submit it to Room 16, Academic Office.
  4. Director’s Approval: The Director of Academic Planning will sign, recommend, and submit the indemnity form to JAMB.
  5. Check JAMB Portal: Monitor your JAMB portal for approval.
  6. Print Admission Letter: Once approved, print your JAMB admission letter and submit it to the Academic Office and Student Affairs.

Who Needs to Complete Regularization?

Regularization is required for students who have made any of the following changes:

Note: Changes to the date of birth and LGA/State are not permitted.

Important Considerations


Regularizing your records at Prince Abubakar Audu University is a straightforward process if you follow the outlined steps. This ensures that your academic journey is smooth and free from administrative hitches. For more details and updates, stay connected with the PAAU official website.

This comprehensive guide ensures that you understand the regularization procedure at PAAU. By following these steps, you can ensure your records are correctly updated, allowing you to focus on your studies and academic success.

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