TASU Bans Sales of Handouts, Suspends Book Sales by Staff

TASU has issued a strict prohibition on the sale of handouts and has suspended the sale of books by university staff. This decision was made by the university's management in response to observed malpractices. Any staff member found in violation of these rules will be punished accordingly. A committee is to be set up to create guidelines for handling such books.

Taraba State University Bans Sales of Handouts & Books

In a bold move to uphold academic integrity and quality, Taraba State University (TASU) has announced a prohibition on the sale of handouts by its staff, as well as a suspension on the sale of books published by university staff. The decision was made at the University Management’s Emergency Meeting on June 22, 2023.

Reinforcing Academic Standards

The University Management noted with concern the rampant sale of handouts and books by lecturers or their student representatives. This practice, seen by many as a deviation from academic standards, prompted the management to remind staff of the standing university policy against the sale of handouts.

In addition, TASU has also suspended the sale of books authored by university staff. To ensure proper control and regulation of such academic materials, the University Management will constitute a committee to draw up guidelines for handling these publications.

Upholding Rules and Regulations

The management further stated that any staff found guilty of the stated offences would face penalties as outlined in the University’s rules and regulations. The stern warning is aimed at reinforcing TASU’s commitment to uphold high academic standards and ensure an equitable educational environment.

A Call to Compliance

In the wake of these announcements, the university staff has been strongly advised to abide by these decisions. The management has appealed for their full cooperation in this matter to ensure the delivery of quality education and the maintenance of academic integrity at the institution.


Taraba State University’s recent decisions reinforce its commitment to upholding rigorous academic standards and promoting a culture of fair and equitable learning. By curbing these practices, the university reiterates its dedication to quality education and the growth of its students. It’s a move that’s expected to strengthen the academic reputation of the university and foster an environment that promotes knowledge sharing rather than commercialization.

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