UNILAG Hostel Fraud Alert, FAQ on Accommodation

University of Lagos, UNILAG fraud alert as regards accommodation and some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

UNILAG Hostel Accommodation

The authorities of the University of Lagos (UNILAG) has released an important notice to all the 2014/2015 academic session newly admitted students as regards Hostel Allocation and some Frequently Asked questions.

The attention of authorities of the University of Lagos has been drawn to some unauthorized messages sent to unsuspecting students by some unscrupulous individuals offering assistance to provide bed spaces to students.

These are fraudulent messages which students are advised to ignore in their own interests. 

The Students’ Affairs office is the only authority that can provide bed spaces to students. All enquiries about accommodation should be directed to the Dean, Students’ Affairs ONLY and no THIRD PARTY has been or will be authorized to act on his behalf.

Recommended: Hostel Allocation Guide for UNILAG 100L Students – 2014/15.

FAQ on UNILAG Accommodation

Question 1:  I was allocated a Hall, but the print out says “No Bed-Space”.  Why?

Answer: A newly admitted student is assigned to a specific Hall of Residence which will remain his/her permanent Hall throughout his/her stay in the University.

Question 2: Why?

Answer: This is a new University policy which takes effect from 2014/2015 academic session.

Question 3: Can one change his/her Hall?

Answer: NO.  You cannot since you are already permanently attached to the Hall.  You are to participate in sports and other activities of the Hall.

Question 4: Why did I not get a bed space allocation in my assigned permanent Hall now?

Answer: You did not because bed space allocation is based on ballot due to the limited number of bed spaces available.  You were simply unlucky this session. Better luck next time!!!

MSG Team.