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Yonskies platform serves as a platform where students can get solutions to whatever academic need they have. Yonskies is a site mainly for students (both prospective and admitted) who may be having difficulties with admissions, job, scholarship, course applications, and other academic-related issues.


We, Yonskies intend to satisfy the need of students through preparatory tests for practising for any exam, groups forums where students can discuss their academic difficulties with academic professionals and other site members.

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  1. Once your account creation is complete, you will be taken to the members’ area where you will have to connect with at least five members by either following or adding them as a friend.
  2. After following at least five members go back to the dashboard to use any service that will solve your need.
  3. You can start by clicking any of the buttons such as the group button to join a group or the forum button to ask a question/start discussion.
  4. For mobile users, the top left corner is the menu button on which when clicked will give you access to a menu containing of actions to take.


Preparatory Tests: The Yonskies Preparatory test helps the student practice for almost any exam for free. We also have a leaderboard containing the best scorers across the website. We try to make the results comprehensive enough and if you need more explanations to the questions posted, simply start a discussion in a forum.

Activity Feed: This part contains all the activities performed on the site that relevant to you. It also helps you to keep track of things on the website so you do not miss out on any important update.

Forums: This is another very functional part of the website that carries information that will let you ask questions/ start discussions.

Groups: The groups functionality lets users create groups based on specific interests. These groups could contain only members that share one thing in common, and groups on yonskies could be made public or private.

Connections: This has to do with connecting with other members by either adding, following or messaging them.

Store: We also have a store where you can get academic materials. These materials include past papers, books, and other school-related items.

Ranks: This is just a grading system that shows you your progress on our website.

Earning: To earn on our website you have to submit a form with any contribution you think you can make to the website that will be useful to students. These contributions could be lesson videos, school materials, etc. After sending us a message stating your offer we will reply you with steps on how to buy them from you. To send us a message on the dashboard menu, click earnings. Generally, our system calculates every activity you make on our website in form of stars that will later determine how much you get paid.

Private Messaging: Members can also message each other privately when the need arises to do so.

Article Posting: This is quite different from posting an update on the activity, an article created on our website will be displayed more publicly on the web and it has to be a good article. Additionally, creating an article will boost your stars if they get approved by our team.

Solution Finder tool: This tool can be accessed on the website, in the dashboard posts section that can be accessed by clicking the posts on the dashboard menu. This tool helps you get solutions to any issue you may be having by simply doing a thorough advanced search on our website.

Online Learning: This feature will let users to study courses online. However, teachers who want to sell full course video lessons can send a message to or contact us.


Our aim is to provide a user-friendly community where students can get solutions to academic problems online.

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