ABSU 41st Matriculation Ceremony Details 2023

Abia State University's 41st matriculation is on 25th August 2023 at the University Pavilion. Eligible students include postgraduates, ICE undergraduates, and others who've paid and registered. The regalia cost is N15,000.00, with designated banks for payment. Return of hired regalia by 29th August is required, and a N20,000.00 charge applies for loss or damage.

ABSU 41st Matriculation Ceremony

Abia State University (ABSU) proudly announces its 41st matriculation ceremony, a significant milestone that symbolises the official admission of new students into the university’s diverse academic community. This guide provides a detailed overview of the ceremony, including the date, venue, time, students expected to matriculate, and procedures for hiring matriculation regalia and purchasing the matriculation brochure.

📅 Date Friday, 25th August, 2023
📍 Venue University Pavilion
⏰ Time 11:00am
🎓 Students Matriculating Postgraduates, ICE undergraduates, cleared students, paid & registered ones
💰 Regalia Cost N15,000.00
🏦 Payment Banks ABSU Micro-Finance, EcoBank, Fidelity, Union, Zenith, UBA
⏳ Regalia Return Not later than 29th August, N1,000 penalty per day
🔁 Replacement Charge N20,000.00 for loss or damage

Date, Venue, and Time

The grand ceremony has been scheduled as follows:

  • Date: Friday, 25th August 2023
  • Venue: University Pavilion
  • Time: 11:00am

Students Expected to Matriculate

The following categories of students are expected to participate in the matriculation ceremony:

  1. Postgraduate Students: Those who are not graduates of Abia State University.
  2. First Year Undergraduate Students: From the Institute for Continuing Education (ICE).
  3. Other Admitted and Cleared Students: Those who couldn’t matriculate in their year of admission for valid reasons.
  4. Students Who Have Accepted Admission: Those who have accepted their offer of admission, paid their fees, and registered their courses.

Procedure for Hiring Matriculation Regalia and Purchase of Matriculation Brochure

a) Payment for Matriculation Regalia and Brochure

  • The hiring cost is fifteen thousand Naira (N15,000.00) only.
  • Payments should be made at designated Banks such as ABSU Micro-Finance Bank, Uturu; EcoBank Plc; Fidelity Bank Plc; Union Bank Plc; Zenith Bank Plc; UBA Plc or through bank debit cards.
  • Warning: No cash payments should be made to individuals.
  • Payment begins immediately.

b) Collection of Regalia and Brochure

  • Students should present their payment receipts to collect their regalia (gown and cap) and brochure from the College/School/Institute Secretaries and Faculty Officers.

c) Distribution by College/School/Institute Secretaries and Faculty Officers

  • Appropriate regalia should be collected from the University Central Store, and Matriculation Brochures from the Registrar’s office, according to the number of matriculating students.
  • Issuance begins on Wednesday, 23rd August 2023.

d) Return of Regalia

  • All hired regalia must be returned by Tuesday, 29th August 2023.
  • Late return penalty: one thousand Naira (N1,000) per day after the deadline.

Replacement Charge

In case of loss or damage to any academic regalia, a replacement charge of twenty thousand Naira (N20,000.00) must be paid.


The 41st matriculation ceremony of Abia State University is not just a formal event; it’s a celebration of a new beginning for all the newly admitted students. It’s a time to welcome the students into a community of scholars and encourage them to pursue excellence.

The management of ABSU extends its congratulations to all matriculating students and wishes them success in their academic journey. For any further assistance, students are encouraged to reach out to the relevant offices, ensuring they receive adequate attention.

The entire university community, parents, well-wishers, and the general public are cordially invited to join this significant occasion. Let’s come together to mark this remarkable milestone and inspire our students towards a future filled with achievements and growth.