List of Available Courses in Achievers University

Achievers University, Owo, AUO available undergraduate courses/programmes approved by the National Universities Commission.

Achievers university owo Degree Programmes and requirements

This page will be updated when a new programme is introduced.

Below are the wide range of courses offered in Achievers University, Owo .

All the Achievers University degree programmes are approved by NUC. Be part of the uniqueness of Achievers University, where every student earns a DEGREE and a VOCATIONAL CERTIFICATE.

See also: Achievers University Undergraduate Admission Form and Achievers University School Fees Schedule.

Achievers University Degree Programmes.

College of Social and Management Sciences (COSMAS)

(i.)        Department of Accounting
                        B.Sc. Accounting

(ii.)       Department of Banking & Finance
                        B.Sc. Banking & Finance

(iii.)      Department of Business Administration
                        B.Sc. Business Administration
                        B.Sc. Marketing

(iv.)      Department of Economics
                        B.Sc. Economics

(v.)      Department of Geography & Planning
                        B.Sc. Geography & Planning

(vi.)     Department of Mass Communication
                        B.Sc. Mass Communication   

(vii.)   Department of Political Science
                        B.Sc. Political Science
                        B.Sc. International Relations (including a three-month French language programme abroad)

(viii)    Department of Public Administration
                        B.Sc. Public Administration

(ix.)      Department of Sociology
                        B.Sc. Sociology
                        B.Sc. Criminology & Security Studies


(i.)        Department of Biological Sciences
            B.Sc. Biology
            B.Sc. Botany
            B.Sc. Zoology
            B.Sc. Microbiology

(ii.)       Department of Chemical Sciences
            B.Sc. Chemistry
            B.Sc. Industrial Chemistry 
            B.Sc. Biochemistry

(iii.)      Department of Geological Sciences
            B.Sc. Geology

(iv.)     Department of Mathematical Sciences
            B.Sc. Mathematics
            B.Sc. Statistics
            B.Sc. Computer Science

(v.)     Department of Medical Laboratory Science
B.MLS Medical Laboratory Science

 (vi.)   Department of Nursing Science
                        B.NSc. Nursing Science

(vii.)   Department of Physics and Energy Studies
            B.Sc. Physics
            B.Sc. Physics & Energy Studies

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