SLU Releases Merged Academic Calendar for 2023/2024

When it comes to academic preparation, knowing key dates is paramount. But what are these pivotal moments at Sule Lamido University for the upcoming semester? Which events should students mark on their calendars? This guide unravels the mysteries, offering clarity for every student's academic journey.

Located in Kafin Hausa, Jigawa State, Sule Lamido University (SLU) stands as an emblem of academic excellence. With a relentless commitment to fostering intellectual growth, the institution is pivotal in churning out adept professionals every academic year. In light of this commitment, SLU has made its academic calendar for the first semester of 2023/2024 available to the public.

Registration Monday, 30th October to Friday, 10th November 2023
Lectures Start Monday, 13th November 2023
️ Mid-Sem Break Monday, 8th to Sunday, 14th January 2024
Resume Lectures Monday, 15th January to Saturday, 2nd March 2024
Exams Monday, 4th to Saturday, 23rd March 2024
Notice Ensure all arrangements are in place
Circular For all staff in Departments/Faculties
️ Calendar Copy Attached for records and further guidance

Details of the Announced Academic Calendar

Sule Lamido University (SLU) Academic Calendar

Commencement of Academic Activities

The academic journey at SLU for the aforementioned session will commence with the student registration process. This is an essential phase where both fresh and returning students formalise their commitment to the academic year ahead.

  • Student Registration (Fresh and Returning students): Monday, 30th October to Friday, 10th November 2023

Lecture Sessions Begin

Immediately following the registration process, lectures will kick off, marking the beginning of the academic immersion for the semester.

  • Start of Lectures for the First Semester: Monday, 13th November 2023

Mid-Semester Respite

SLU understands the significance of relaxation for optimal cognitive performance. Hence, there’s a designated break scheduled to offer students a breather from academic activities.

  • Mid-Semester Break: Monday, 8th January to Sunday, 14th January 2024

Resumption and Conclusion of Lecture Sessions

Post the mid-semester hiatus, students will resume lectures, ensuring they cover all academic modules pertinent to the semester.

  • Continuation of Lectures: Monday, 15th January to Saturday, 2nd March 2024

First Semester Examinations

Examinations play a crucial role in evaluating the academic proficiency of students. As such, SLU has outlined specific dates to facilitate these assessments.

  • End of First Semester Examinations: Monday, 4th March to Saturday, 23rd March 2024

In Conclusion

Sule Lamido University (SLU) remains unwavering in its quest for academic brilliance. With this detailed academic calendar, students and staff alike can navigate the first semester of the 2023/2024 session with clarity and precision.

Students, both fresh and returning, are encouraged to mark these dates and adequately prepare for the upcoming academic journey. Your dedication, combined with SLU’s robust academic framework, promises an enriching and fulfilling academic experience

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