List of University of Ilorin (UNILORIN) Postgraduate Courses

University of Ilorin, UNILORIN postgraduate courses on full-time and part-time basis.

UNILORIN Postgraduate Courses

Below are the postgraduate courses offered at the University of Ilorin.

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UNILORIN Postgraduate Courses.

1M.Sc. Agric. Extension
2Ph.D. Agric. Extension
3M. Phil. Agronomy
4M.Sc. Agronomy
5Ph.D. Agronomy
6M. Phil. Animal Production
7M.Sc. Animal Production
8PGD Animal Production
9Ph.D. Animal Production
10M.Sc. Crop Protection
11Ph.D. Crop Protection
12M.Sc. Agricultural Economics
13Ph.D. Agricultural Economics
14M. Phil. Arabic
15M.A. Arabic
16Ph.D. Arabic
17M. Phil. English
18M. Phil. Literature-In-English
19M.A. English
20Ph.D. English
21Ph.D. Literature-In-English
22M.A. French Language
23M.A. History and International Studies
24M. Phil. Linguistics
25M. Phil. Yoruba
26M.A. Ling. & Nig. Lang.
27M.A. Yoruba
28Ph.D. Linguistics
29Ph.D. Yoruba
30M. Phil. Performing Arts
31M.A. Performing Arts
32Ph.D. Performing Arts
33M.A. Peace and Development Studies
34Ph.D. Peace and Development Studies
35M.(Ed.) Guidance and Counselling
36Ph.D. Guidance and Counselling
37M.(Ed.) Educational Management
38M.(Ed.) Science Education
39Ph.D. Curriculum Development Science
40M.(Ed.) History and Policy of Education
41M. Phil. Educational Psychology
42M. Phil. Social Studies Education
43M. Phil. Sociology of Education
44M.(Ed.) Sociology of Education
45M.(Ed.) Educational Psychology
46M.(Ed.) Social Studies Education
47Ph.D. Educational psychology
48Ph.D. Social Studies Education
49Ph.D. Sociology of Education
50M.Ed. Educational Technology
51M.Phil. Educational Technology
52Ph.D. Educational Technology
53M.Ed. Health Education
54M.Phil. Health Education
55Ph.D. Health Education
57M. Phil. Agricultural Engineering
58M.Eng. Agricultural Engineering
59Ph.D. Agricultural Engineering
60M.Eng. Mechanical Engineering
61Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering
62M.Sc. Integrated Water Resources Management
63LL.M. Law
64M. Phil. Law
65Ph.D. Law
66LL.M. Islamic Law
67M. Phil. Islamic Law
68Ph.D. Islamic Law
69M. Phil. Anatomy
70M.Sc. Anatomy
71Ph.D. Anatomy
72M. Phil. Physiology
73M.Sc. Physiology
74Ph.D. Physiology
75M.Sc. Medical Microbiology
76Ph.D. Medical Microbiology
77M.Sc. Pharmacology and Therapeutics
78Ph.D. Pharmacology and Therapeutics
79M.Comm.H. Public Health
80M.PH Public Health
81Ph.D. Public Health
82Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Science (PGDCS)
83M.Sc. Mass Communication
84Ph.D. Library and Information Science
85M.Sc. Bio-Chemistry
86M.Sc. Microbiology
87Ph.D. Microbiology
88M.Sc. Plant Biology
89Ph.D. Plant Biology
90M.Sc. Zoology
91Ph.D. Zoology
92M. Phil. Chemistry
93M.Sc. Chemistry
94PGD in Chemistry
95Ph.D. Chemistry
96Ph.D. Bio-Chemistry
97M.Sc. Physics
98Ph.D. Physics
99M. Phil. Geological Sciences
100M.Sc. Geological Sciences
101PGD in Geology
102Ph.D. Geological Sciences
103M. Phil. Microbiology
104M. Phil. Plant Biology
105M. Phil. Mathematics
106M.Sc. Mathematics
107Ph.D. Mathematics
108M. Phil. Statistics
109M.Sc. Statistics
110Ph.D. Statistics
111Post Graduate Diploma in Statistics (PGDS)
112M.Sc. Industrial Chemistry
113M. Phil. Business Administration
114M.Sc. Business Administration
115Ph.D. Business Administration
116M.Sc. Economics
117Ph.D. Economics
118M.Phil. Geography
119M.Sc. Geography
120M.Sc. Political Science
121Ph.D. Political Science
122M.Sc. Sociology
123M.A. Literature-In-English
124Master of Library and Information Science (MLIS)
125M.Ed. Human Kinetics Education
126M. Phil. Human Kinetics Education
127Ph.D. Human Kinetics Education
128Ph.D. Industrial Chemistry
129M. Phil. Industrial Chemistry
130M.A. Christian Studies
131M.A. Islamic Studies
132M.Sc. Soil Science
133M.A. Arabic Literature
134M. Phil. Arabic Literature
135Ph.D. Arabic Literature
136M.A. Applied Linguistics
137M. Phil. Applied Linguistics
138Ph.D. Applied Linguistics
139M.A. Yoruba Literature
140M.(Ed.) Curriculum Development Social Science Education
141Ph.D. Curriculum Development Social Science Education
142M. Phil. Soil Science
143Ph.D. Soil Science
144M.A. Peace and Security Studies
145M.A. Literature-In-French
146Ph.D. Literature-In-French
147Ph.D. Yoruba Literature
148M. Phil. Yoruba Literature
149M. Phil. Christian Studies
150Ph.D. Christian Studies
151Ph.D. Comparative Religious Studies
152M. Phil. Comparative Religious Studies
153M. Phil. Islamic Studies
154Ph.D. Islamic Studies
155M.Sc. Food Science
156M. Phil. Curriculum Development Social Science Education
157Master of Public Health Education
158M.Eng. Chemical Engineering
159Ph.D. Chemical Engineering
160M.A. Peace and Strategic Studies
161M.Phil.Chemical Engineering
162M.Sc. Tropical Paediatrics
163Ph.D. Tropical Paediatrics
164M.Sc. Architecture

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