2024 JAMB UTME Result Upgrades: Fact or Fraud?

Have you ever wondered if upgrading your 2024 JAMB UTME result is actually possible, or is it just a myth spun by scammers? In this detailed exploration, we uncover the truths and myths surrounding the possibility of enhancing your JAMB scores, helping you navigate through misinformation and avoid costly mistakes.

Read This Before you Upgrade Your JAMB UTME Result

“Upgrade JAMB result” — this phrase, unfortunately, has become all too common among UTME candidates. It reflects a pressing concern within the community of students and parents alike, as many seek to improve their examination scores. However, the reality is starkly different from what many hope for. Let’s explore the truth about upgrading JAMB UTME results, and why it’s essential to steer clear of these fraudulent practices.

Scam Alerts Upgrading JAMB results is not possible.
Cost Risks Victims often pay N5,000–N50,000 to scammers.
Official Info JAMB confirms upgrades are a fraud.
Real Stories No verified cases of successful upgrades.
⚠️ Fraud Tactics Scammers use fake testimonials and contact info.
Contact Claims Promises to increase scores via dubious calls.
Time Wasted Hours spent chasing false promises.
Better Option Study for a retake or explore other academic paths.

The Lure of Upgrading Results

Many UTME candidates are led to believe that it’s possible to enhance their scores post-examination. Scammers prey on the vulnerabilities of these individuals, particularly those disappointed by their initial results. They offer false promises, claiming they can magically boost scores, for a hefty fee. The method of operation for these fraudsters typically involves fake testimonials and pseudo contact information, shared across various forums and social networking sites.

Example of a common scam message:

“I just checked my JAMB result, it was 160, so I was hopeless. I got Mr. Frank’s number online; he helped me to upgrade my score to 250. Now I am happy. If you want to upgrade your score too, call Mr. Frank on 081********. He will help you the way he helped me. God bless Mr. Frank.”

Such messages are designed to exploit the desperation of students and parents, making it crucial to understand the workings and risks involved in these scams.

The Hard Truth About Result Upgrades

The truth is unequivocal: there is no legitimate process for upgrading JAMB UTME results. The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has consistently debunked claims that results can be altered once issued. If upgrading were indeed feasible, the integrity of the entire examination process would be questionable, and we would likely see no failures in UTME at all.

Recognising Scam Tactics

Scammers use various tactics to attract victims. Here are a few you might encounter:

  • Unsolicited messages claiming the ability to upgrade results.
  • Offers to check withheld results or alter scores to meet specific thresholds.
  • Fake stories of successful upgrades in an attempt to appear credible.

Why You Should Avoid Scammers

Engaging with these fraudsters not only risks your money — typically asking between N5,000 and N50,000 — but also your personal information. Despite promises, no action will be taken on your result, and you will be left in a worse situation, both financially and emotionally.

What Should You Do Instead?

If you are unsatisfied with your score, the advisable and most constructive approach is to prepare better for a retake or explore alternative academic or career paths. Relying on scam offers of upgrading results will only lead to further disappointment.

Sharing Experiences

It’s vital for candidates and parents to share their experiences regarding this issue. By doing so, you contribute to a broader understanding and help prevent others from falling victim to similar scams. If you’ve encountered such offers or know someone who has, use the comment section to share your story and help raise awareness.


In conclusion, upgrading your 2024 JAMB UTME result is an impossibility that should be met with skepticism and caution. Instead of falling for scam tactics, focus on legitimate and official ways to address any concerns with your exam scores. Remember, genuine success comes from hard work and perseverance, not shortcuts.

Let’s be vigilant and informed, ensuring that our academic journeys are marked by integrity and honesty.

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