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ASCOEA Registration Deadline for 2nd Semester 2022/2023

Aminu Saleh College of Education announces the registration schedule for the second semester of the 2022/2023 academic session for Pre-NCE, NCE, and Undergraduate students. Normal registration runs from 10th July to 23rd July, 2023, while late registration extends from 24th July to 6th August, 2023, with a fee of N5000. Students who fail to register within these periods must defer the entire session. The College will not accept complaints post-registration deadline.

Aminu Saleh College of Education Registration Deadline

A notice has been issued by the Aminu Saleh College of Education, Azare (ASCOEA), with crucial details concerning the commencement of registration and academic activities for the Second Semester of the 2022/2023 academic session. This communication, targeting the college’s staff, students, and the general public, outlines the critical deadlines, fees, and implications for late or uncompleted registrations.

Institution Aminu Saleh College of Education, Azare (ASCOEA)
Semester Second Semester, 2022/2023 Academic Session
️ Normal Registration 10th July – 23rd July, 2023
⏰ Late Registration 24th July – 6th August, 2023
Late Registration Fee Five Thousand Naira (N5000)
Non-Registration Consequence Non-registered students must defer the entire session
Applicable Students Pre-NCE, NCE, and Undergraduate Students
Post-Deadline Complains Not accepted

Key Dates and Late Registration Penalty

The registration schedule is as follows:

During the late registration period, an additional fee of Five Thousand Naira (N5000) only will be charged. It’s essential to understand that this additional cost can be avoided by registering within the normal registration period.

The Consequences of Non-Registration

The Aminu Saleh College of Education also emphasises the serious consequences for students who do not register within the stipulated registration periods. Any student who fails to complete their registration during either the normal registration or the late registration period will need to defer their studies for the entire session.

A Call to Heed the Warning

All students at ASCOEA, including those enrolled in Pre-NCE, NCE, and Undergraduate programmes, are urged to heed this notice and ensure that they complete their registration within the prescribed periods.

The college stresses that it will not entertain any complaints or requests for leniency without prior notification once the registration period has ended. The responsibility, therefore, lies with each student to adhere to the set timelines and procedures.

Plan, Prepare, and Prosper

Planning and preparedness are key to a successful academic journey. With these crucial deadlines now clear, students at ASCOEA are advised to plan accordingly and execute their registration promptly. This will not only save them from the stress and additional fees associated with late registration but also secure their place for the upcoming semester and avoid the drastic step of deferring the entire session.

Remember, the journey towards educational success is punctuated by deadlines. The wise student navigates these with forethought and precision. Ensure that your academic voyage continues smoothly by registering on time.

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